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January 18, 2024 54 mins

The Courage to Live Out Loud

If you are looking for the courage to live your life on your terms but unsure how to do that, this episode is for you! 

Media personality, Mia Atkins shares her journey to living an authentic live - out loud - raw and real! She holds nothing back and I cannot WAIT for you to hear this because I know it will give you the courage to do something to honor yourself as well (no matter how big or small, taking a baby step will feel so good)!

What you will hear:

Mia is very open about her journey with anxiety and what she has done to significantly reduce the episodes and severity. 

She shares her go to practices to getting through those difficult moments.

How learning what she likes and dislikes, and designing a life with more "likes"  helped tremendously.

If you didn't know, Mia was engaged to a man - both in the spotlight - and realized she was a lesbian. Mia shares everything about the before, during and after! 

There is something in this episode for everyone! You all know that I am on a BIG mission to give YOU the permission to live your life on your terms and that all starts with knowing yourself.

Mia didn't just manage her anxiety buy understanding her sexuality - it started way before that when she started therapy and began to learn about herself.

Her introverted ways. Her love and compassion for animals. Her desire to ground herself in a bath and a book or curl up with her dogs to balance her nervous system. 

If you are wanting to feel better in any way - her story will help you and I cannot wait to hear your favorite part! There are so many!

You can learn more about Mia by following her on IG Here  and also tuning in daily to the Charlotte Today show on WCNC to see her live as she keeps you up to date on all these lifestyle.

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