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Sht with Britt: Waxing, Panties, Millennials and More

April 3, 201861 min
For those of you familiar with Britt, Tiffany and I getting together on a semi-regular basis then this weeks show will not be a surprise. If you are new, hang on! A recent Friday evening found the three of us in Tiffany's beautiful new kitchen sipping wine. Out of the gate Britt starts with her “waxing” adventure since she is about to go on Spring Break. That leads to a discussion on underwear and one of Tiffany's most embarrassing moments. We also learn the interesting way Tiff uses to get her son to brush his teeth. I have to admit I was stunned! We discuss elderly parents, grandparent names and then switch gears to Millennials. Katy, our social media queen steps up to the mic to talk about her peers and what it is like to be a hard working young person with her own business. Tiffany and I relive our trip to the Sundance Film Festival in Utah and how a documentary changed how we shop. I am not sure how the show ends except that we headed out (Uber) to see comedian Joel McHale at a local comedy club and Britt was nearly thrown out. Like I said earlier hang on…

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