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Ladies Biz Podcast is for female entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, side-hustlers, and intrapreneurs. Quite frankly, it’s for any woman who’s either already in business or who is thinking about taking the leap into their own entrepreneurial adventure. Join Penny Redmond and her weekly hand-picked guests who tell it like it is. Hear their stories and learn how to grow your biz. The expert host and guests will explore a range of topics to help you save time, avoid headaches, and find success. Expect to learn about key topics such as media channels, networking, marketing, coaching, financing, start-ups, photography, sales funnels, podcasting, branding, blogging, revenue streams, list building and lots more. So get your head phones on, start the car, or put on your favourite running shoes and spark up the treadmill, Do whatever works for you — and get ready to listen to this fantastic, idea-filled podcast created by and for women in biz.... Show More

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January 16, 2019 41 min


Ever wonder how you can become a better speaker? Avra shares so many tips that it will make your head spin.  She shares her five pillars that she uses when coaching people to be great presenters. Get your paper and pen ready because there are so many great take a ways.

0:00 Avra’s Bio – She teaches clients to communicate with influence about their products and services, and to more effectively share their value with the world. Avra’s experience is honed from 20+ years of live theatrical and vocal performance experience.

2:40 – Avra shares her entrepreneurial path starting at the age of 9 as an actor.

4:40 – “Drop the Mic Principles” and what the principles are.

6:22 - How to be an authentic speaker is discussed.

8:00 – Avra runs through vocal tips to do before you hit the stage.

10:23 – Hear about Body language and what you should NOT do and what you should do.

13:51 – Tricks on knowing how long you are up there and how to pace yourself.

15:21 – Discussion on practising techniques and more tips on how to practice.

17:18 – Avra shares about how to create a presentation persona. Avra was willing to share her worksheet on How to Find Your Best Persona. Check links below.

21:47 – Tips on not what to do so you don’t alienate your audience when someone asks you a question while speaking  and also for Q&A periods.

25:25- Hear some of the biggest mistakes you can make as a speaker.

27:33 – Discussion on how important humor is as a speaker.

30:24 – How important hooks are at the beginning! Plus, discussion if stories work, pain points and paint point reversals.

34:34 – Avra explains further the importance of mindset.

36:24 – Penny asked Avra who her favourite speaker is. The link below is a spoiler alert!!

37:32 – Avra shares her message to all speakers or those that are thinking about becoming speakers.
Instagram and Facebook: @avrafainer

PDF- Worksheet on “How to Find Your Best Persona”

Avra’s choice in best speaker: 

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