Ladies in Biz Podcast

Ladies in Biz Podcast

Ladies Biz Podcast is for female entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, side-hustlers, and intrapreneurs. Quite frankly, it’s for any woman who’s either already in business or who is thinking about taking the leap into their own entrepreneurial adventure. Join Penny Redmond and her weekly hand-picked guests who tell it like it is. Hear their stories and learn how to grow your biz. The expert host and guests will explore a range of topics to help you save time, avoid headaches, and find success. Expect to learn about key topics such as media channels, networking, marketing, coaching, financing, start-ups, photography, sales funnels, podcasting, branding, blogging, revenue streams, list building and lots more. So get your head phones on, start the car, or put on your favourite running shoes and spark up the treadmill, Do whatever works for you — and get ready to listen to this fantastic, idea-filled podcast created by and for women in biz.... Show More

Networking season is coming so I asked Barb Katz from Socially Savvy Group to be a guest on the podcast.  If you really dislike networking events and /or are a millennial, you need to hear Barb’s tips. Learn how to really be amazing at networking events and build on relationships to build your personal brand.


00:00- Barb’s Bio.  So, you know she is an expert.

1:40- We started talking about the 2018 Word of the Year “AUTHENTIC”.

3:50- Barb shares a humorous story about how she started her business.

11:45- Barb talks about how her clients told her what they wanted, and how she developed her business to satisfy their needs.

12:27- She explains how she got the name “ Dating Coach” and also how the same skill set is used personally as well as for business.

17:75- We get insight into the biggest problem’s entrepreneurs are faced with when they are networking.

18:30 – Barb starts sharing tips on how to start a conversation in a networking event.

22:19 – Tips for millennials on networking effectively and how to start building their personal brand.

27:55- How introverts can get more comfortable going to networking events.

31:00- Discussion on what to do after attending a networking event. What is the Call to Action, so you get a return on investment.

36:27- What you can do if you are an extrovert and you meet up with an introvert? How you can make, an introvert feel more comfortable?

39:17 – How you leave a person gracefully that you are not connecting with.

42:23 – Discussion on if bringing a friend to a networking event can work.

45:00 – Barb shares RULE #1 when attending a networking event.

47:07 – Barb leaves us with a great message on support systems.


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