Loan Officer Freedom

A Daily Success Plan

November 20, 201743 min
On the next #1 rated podcast for LOs, Carl White is joined by longtime friend and wildly successful loan officer, Brian Heckman! Brian lived the snowball effect day in and day out until he discovered an easier and more profitable way to run his business and structure his day-to-day activities. You’ll get a full glimpse into the action plan that Brian has setup Monday-Thursday that created the structure his business was lacking, and in turn, enabled him to reach his ultimate goal of having time, financial and relationship freedom while running an ever-growing business! Here’s a taste of what Carl and Brian discuss in this episode: How to go from closing 5 loans a month to 10+ a month 3 intentional daily action items that are a “must do” for success Scripts for reaching out to agents and current/past clients The importance of building structure to create freedom Brian’s blueprint for setting your week up for optimum results

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