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Making A Transition – Part 2

June 4, 201826 min
So, you’ve made a list of your expectations for yourself, your team, or your employer. You’ve spoken with your boss or team and set a date for when those expectations should be met - and guess what? That day is here. You’ve made the decision, you’ve dealt with your fears. What’s next? In this three-part series, we talk with Adriana Bates, a Loan Officer and Branch Manager, about the steps she took when it was time for her to make a transition. We’ll take out all the guesswork with her detailed guide about what to do and when to do it, and how to make that tough decision. Here’s a taste of what we'll go over in part 2 – • How to deal with the Fear of making a change in your business. • Setting up a backup plan. • How to be transparent about you transition and why it’s better for your clients. • How to really sell your team and promote YOU Inc. We’ll also talk about how to keep your successful momentum going while putting yourself in a better situation.

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