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Bad Crews have Worse Leaders - MOD047

May 7, 201830 min
Merchants of Dirt Episode #47 The reason bad crews have worse leaders has everything to do with a race director that hires their friends, allows them to say and do anything they want, and approves of their bad behavior by doing nothing to stop them from ruining their business. Observation #1 Problem - Deserted Finish Line Your crew wants to leave early? Tough! All of your crew needs to stay until the end, even if it's all packed up. Because if your crew is not still cheering the last ones to finish, why are they your crew? Solution - If You Stay Your Crew Stays Too  The solution is not to hire any of your friends that do not believe in your racing mission. Crew members that cannot be bothered to stick around until all racers are off the course need to go find other work. And if you as a race director cannot enforce that principle, then you should consider another type of business. Observation #2 Problem - Mocking Last Place Racers The way your crew treats those who are last matters. Doom on the race director that joins in and does not think their last place racers are important. Solution - Fire Your Bad Staff or Close Your Business If your crew is caught mocking the last place racers, they should be fired! If you don't, it will not be long before your reputation makes your racing company a distance memory. Observation #3 Problem - Crew Social Hour while Volunteers Work Is your crew taking a break while your volunteers are still working? Then you don't deserve volunteers. Your crew reflects you, your company, and what you think of racers. Taking a break with your crew while volunteers continue to work speaks volumes about who you are. If you think that's ok behavior, you don't deserve volunteers. Solution - Treat Volunteers With Respect or Don't Have Them Volunteers are special helpers that demand your gratitude and respect. And they are ALWAYS watching you and your staff! If you treat them poorly or allow your staff to treat them poorly, then you shouldn't ever run a race with volunteers. Earn the right to have volunteers help your race by treating them well. And Now You Know! Thank You for Listening Thank you so much for listening to Merchants of Dirt Podcast. If you have questions or comments, please reach out to me @MerchantsofDirt on Twitter, by Email, or my Contact Form. Join the Conversation If there is a topic you would like me to cover, please join my Facebook group: Race Promoters' Hangout. Support the Podcast Become my patron at Patreon!  

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