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Collecting The Cash & Closing The Sale - Milestones Motivation & Money

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Dee Bowden joins this episode to discuss strategies surrounding business receivables and collections, she also drops gems for those wanting to start a business while still in corporate. 

As featured in Forbes Magazine, Dee Bowden founded BCS Solutions to teach small businesses how to solve cash flow problems. After recovering $7.5 million for a large government agency, Dee recognized small businesses also fall prey to revenue loss because they don’t collect the outstanding invoices.
She is on a mission to serve business owners by sharing her three-step system. Dee has 10 years of financial recovery experience in which she collected over $10 million for several companies and other government agencies.
Dee is one of the Top 50 Most influential Women for 2021 in VIP Global Magazine
Dee was featured in Thrive Global magazine in the article “Money Matters: Dee Bowden Helps Entrepreneurs Achieve Financial Peace”! Dee is the Author of Collect the Cash: The Sale is not Complete until the Money is In the Bank!
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Collecting The Cash & Closing The Sale  - Milestones Motivation & Money