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Living Life On Purpose - Milestones Motivation & Money

Milestones Motivation & Money

RJ Jackson, The Courage Giver, joins us on this episode to share insights into learning to live a purposeful life. We touch on many topics from motivation to resilience and more.

RJ Jackson is more than an international leader, speaker, and personal growth life coach who has traveled the world for over 20 years inspiring others to fulfill their life’s purpose.

Known as The Courage Giver, she has proven herself as a writer, hitting the best sellers list four times out of seven books, penning books such as ‘Conversations on Courage’, ‘Take Heart’, and ‘A Repositioned Journey – I’m Still Standing’ - her life story of overcoming adversity. RJ has conducted over 10,000 workshops, training sessions, and keynote addresses around the globe including Bermuda, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Barbados, Jamaica and on the mission field in Cambodia, Haiti, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria, and Thailand.

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Living Life On Purpose - Milestones Motivation & Money