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Talking Never Escapes Me

May 28, 201811 min
Movie Meltdown - Episode 439 (For our Patreon supporters.) This week we sit down and talk... about many, many things. Even some movies. And while we pin down exactly what meta-pandering means, we also discuss... The Sonora Pine, Ursula K. Le Guin, Ready Player One, Silence, weird Technicolor psychosis, once the Slint is in your system, hyper science, Superman mentality, the motionless picture, everyone was turning into Larry King, every other one... we know the rule, the American business, Martin Scorsese, adjusting stories, on the edge of town, Mark Hamill, Super 8, serialized storytelling, weird fetishization with our own social circle, we go home after popcorn, the sounds that kind of happen in your soul on those really dark nights, don't worry... I'm wearing a mask and gloves, Rian Johnson, Dickens novels, I don't know what winning looks like for our heroes, Star Trek culture, fanfiction, nothing but pop culture references, smart people from other countries want to come here, undercooked characters, Hitchcock/Truffaut, aww man... do I have to defeat the dark lord, Horatio Hornblower, pop culture looking at pop culture, growing up in the post-George Lucas world, the vault that may not have anything in it, finding Luke Skywalker and getting Capt. Kirk back in charge of the Enterprise, a new sonic territory, the biggest fluff for me, J.J. Abrams, villain-verse, the prequels, Steven Spielberg, colonialist viewpoint, worthy of literary endeavor and being hopped up on Lucozade and Jaffa Cakes.   "Speaking as a man for whom, like half of my friends are imaginary and the other half are on podcasts... yours is one of my favorite."   Go to: and support the show!  

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