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Most people do not worship Jesus Christ. Even many Christians lack the profound sense of awe and wonder in the Gospel needed to experience the deeply-rooted life of praise God is so worthy of. As a result, lesser things are adored, and the joyful life God desires for His people is sacrificed. This is a colossal tragedy. Christ Is King Ministries is on a mission to change that.


January 9, 2019 45 mins

Did you know James was the first book written in the New Testament?

Join us as Gary Fox dives into an introduction to this amazing epistle written by the little brother of the Lord Jesus Christ!

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The Apostle James both encourages and commands us to "Count it all joy..." when we suffer in the midst of the various trials we face in life. Why would he say that? What does that mean and what's the point of it all?

This week Gary Fox shares from James 1:2-4 and explains how God has a glorious plan for our lives, a plan which will take us through seasons of trial.

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Christians have access to supernatural insight described in the Epistle of James as "wisdom", and yet so often we needlessly grope around like blind people in the dark.

Join us this week as Gary Fox explains how we plug into the wisdom so desperately needed as we navigate through life!

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We live in a culture consumed with the "here and now", with a hyper focus on comparing our lives with others. This of course leads to depression in some and arrogance in others. The Apostle James instructs us to be intentional in looking past the immediate and to always keep an eternal prospective in mind.

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What does it mean to be "blessed"? We hear an awful lot about "being blessed", there's even a social media hashtag that says #blessed which is supposed to let everyone know how good things are. But what does it actually mean? What if times are hard, are we no longer "blessed"?

Join us this week as Gary Fox smashes into this false way of thinking about what being "blessed" is and is not. Make sure you share the link to this importan...

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Far too often we like to justify ourselves and our sin by saying things like "God made me like this". The Apostle James lays into that way of thinking and in no uncertain terms commands that we stop saying things like that. Our sinful desires are internal, not external. They spring forth from our hearts, they are not downloaded into us by God.

Join us this week as Gary Fox points out the careful distinction the Apostle James makes ...

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It would be impossible to sit down and list out our blessings, to "name them one by one". Each and every perfect thing, and all the good things as well, all come for the hand of God. And yet how little praise does He actually receive? Our constant ingratitude provides ample evidence that we are fallen and need to be changed.

This week Gary Fox unpacks this encouraging reminder from the Apostle James, that every good and perfect gif...

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Are you growing in grace or do you feel as though you are not spiritually maturing like you should? What is causing that stunting effect in your life?

You do not want to miss this edition of New Testament Chronology. This week Gary Fox unpacks a powerful teaching from the Apostle James who drills down in the deep, heart-level issues that will prevent us from “receiving with meekness” the Word of God which has already been implanted...

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March 17, 2019 36 mins

Christianity is an action "religion"! There is no such thing as an unchanged Christian, or a Christian who does not care to get up, take up a cross and follow Jesus. Those who think they can sit on the sidelines and simply be aware of the Gospel without taking steps as a result of it are totally deceived.

This week Gary Fox details what the Apostle James has to say about "easy believism", or the idea that Christianity is nothing mo...

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Not every religious person has been saved, that is abundantly clear from teaching of the Bible in general and from the writing of the Apostle James in particular. The whole first chapter of the Epistle of James hammers this point repeatedly and the it ends with two more verses which drives the point home.

Join us this week as Gary Fox shares the heart condition behind worthless religion and religion that is pure before God the Fath...

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Whenever there are 5 Sundays in a month we like to take a break from our regular study and introduce bonus content that we pray will be encouraging to you! For this 5th Sunday Bonus we go all the way back to Feb 11, 2007 when Gary Fox preached at his first church plant, Southside Christian Fellowship (just outside of Akron, OH).

The topic is one as old as the Christian faith itself and that is addressing the question, "Can a Christ...

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Finding identity in tribes, races or genders is out of harmony with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God's people are chosen by God, are transferred out of the kingdom of darkness and into the Kingdom of our identity is in HIM! We are no longer citizens of this world, we are a new people!

The Apostle James commands us to "show no partiality". This week Gary Fox unpacks the implications of this charge and shows how worldly triba...

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It's bad enough that people have to deal with constant judgement out in the world, but to come into church and having to feel looked down upon (for whatever reason) is terrible.

The Apostle James deals with this big time sin and says that it is rooted in "evil thoughts". Judging people based upon superficial standards such as their net worth is so contrary to the Gospel, yet even 2000 years later we are STILL too easily prone to do...

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We are quick to either justify or minimalise sin rather than accept the responsibility of guilt. This is exactly how so many of us try to get around the sin of partiality, favoritism, racism and classism. We either try to justify it by saying nature intended for us to stick with our kind or we will say things like, “well, I was just raised this’s just how I feel…”

The Apostle James lays waste to these arguments. He makes i...

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April 28, 2019 41 mins

While it is very true that Christians are saved through faith alone, saving faith is never left alone. True saving faith will always be followed by genuine, God-fearing works.

The Apostle James wipes out any doubt that anyone may have regarding the nature of the Christian life, he says it will be marked by good works. And if anyone claims to have faith but has no corresponding good works that person should not expect to be welcomed...

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Just because someone says they are a Christian does not mean they actually are one. Their life, their works and their actions will PROVE what they say about what they believe. Even a weak Christian will be taking steps, albeit tiny ones, in the direction of obedience.

If Jesus is not your Lord, He is not your Savior either.

This week Gary Fox unpacks the power examples the Apostle James gives to us which prove without any doubt wha...

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The office and role of "teacher" in the Bible is one which is elevated to strict standards, and should never be taken lightly. When a man stands before people and declares to them what is and is not true, he had better be called, educated and gifted to do so because nothing is more vitally important for people than for them to know the truth.

The Apostle James said there should be a limited number of men called upon to teach in the...

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Few things are as powerful as the tongue. It can be a tool which builds or tears down. It can be used to heal or to hurt. I can reflect the goodness of God by speaking truth in love, or it can be used to mar the glorious nature of God by speaking lies or bitterness.

This week Gary Fox explores the urgent warnings the Apostle James gives us regarding the very real danger of having an unbridled tongue, these are warnings all of us he...

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The Apostle James describes the tongue as a "fire" which is in and of itself neither good or evil. A fire can help or hurt, a fire can save or kill, a fire can produce or destroy. Our tongue is no different.

This week Gary Fox unpacks this highly illustrative section of Scripture and pleads with his audience to do as the Apostle James instructs and that is to be sure the content of our speech is consistent with our regenerated hear...

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There is a way in which the world thinks and a way in which the people of God will think, and those two ways are highly distinct. Worldly wisdom is based in selfish ambition, self promotion and self advancement. The wisdom which is "from above" is pure, gentle and all about seeking peace.

This week Gary Fox exposes the evidence which demonstrates how we can be sure the modern evangelical movement is being significantly influenced b...

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