Nutrition Nuptials

Nutrition Nuptials


13: Intuitive Eating for Couples

February 6, 201976 min

76 min
12: Double Date with Stephen and Elise Compston

January 23, 201966 min

66 min

January 9, 201953 min

53 min
10: Holiday Stress Relief

November 21, 201857 min

57 min
09: Double Date with Kaleigh & Evan McMordie

October 10, 201857 min

57 min
08: Finding Fitness

September 26, 201865 min

65 min
07: Travel Tips: Taco's World Travels

September 19, 201859 min

59 min
06: Double Date with Liz Weiss and Tim Carruthers

September 12, 201866 min

66 min
05: Football Season Survival Guide

September 5, 201860 min

60 min
04: College Life, Part 2

August 29, 201830 min

30 min

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Relationships can be challenging. Especially when it comes to merging two lifestyles together from a “ME” to a “WE” with your health habits. Join Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Mandy Enright, MS, RDN, RYT and her husband, Taco, as they get real about what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle while in a committed relationship. Hear from other couples as well about their challenges and learnings as they started living together and throughout the relationship. Whether you’re newly engaged, newlyweds, or any stage of a relationship, it’s time to learn how to blend those nutrition and fitness habits together – or find the motivation to start something new. Staying healthy is way more fun with a friend, so why not do it with the love of your life? Here at Nutrition Nuptials, it’s all about finding your Happily, Health-fully Ever After. Learn more at Show More

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