On Air with Ella | Wellness, Mindset, Success

On Air with Ella | Wellness, Mindset, Success

Tips on women's wellness, motivation, mindset, fitness, relationships, food, personal growth, confidence - everything to help you get more of what you want and less of what you don't. Ella is slightly cheeky and never preachy. Self-improvement was never more fun. **WARNING: high impact content that you cannot unlearn. Prepare to live better.** || Show notes at www.onairella.com || connect @onairwithella || Live Better. Start NOW.


November 29, 2023 44 mins

The ability to speak up and express ourselves is required for personal growth and creating the life that we want. Sometimes, though, we struggle with finding our voice, owning our story, or asserting our opinions and needs. 


Jacqueline Nagle, repeat On Air with Ella guest, is a business leader and certified speaking professional. She's providing insights and resources for using your voi...

Mark as Played

Mark as Played

Amino acids form the proteins that make up our muscles, organs, hormones, hair, skin, nails. They act as the catalyst for nearly every chemical process in your body. They support processes like protein synthesis, muscle gain, brain function, hormone regulation, metabolism, and more.  Angelo Kelly is explaining the critical role of protein and essential amino acids for strength, energy, and just about every func...

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THIS ONE IS CHOCK FULL OF TIPS... Women's health specialist Dr. Carrie Jones is answering your burning questions, including:

1) Why does it hit harder to drink after 40? What can we do to reduce the puffiness and reaction after drinking alcohol?

2) What's the big deal about castor oil? Is it actually good for skin, hair, joints, liver ....

3) How can we find a true hormonal specialist to see us through perimenopause / menopause?


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We want to change our habits, we often know what to do... why can't we do it? How can we really enact the changes we want for ourselves? DBT might be the way. 

In this episode, Maddy Ellberger shares how Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) works to help us break unhealthy cycles and create the life - and the habits - we want. 

From over-drinking/spending/eating/working to anxiety to under-performing /exercising /caring for ourselves...

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October 3, 2023 54 mins

"I believe we could adopt a bit more self-belief, a bit more air of expectation that the world is for us, and a little bit of that audacity."

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Perimenopause and hormone therapy: what you REALLY NEED to know.


This is PART TWO of my conversation with Dr. Stacy Sims. Episode 310 was PART ONE - get it here.


In this episode:

  • Revisiting Zone 2 cardio and why it's not optimal for perimenopausal women (but great for men) - we ta...
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September 20, 2023 16 mins

  • Mark as Played

    "Your brain is wired to keep you alive, not to keep you happy." - Britt Frank

    What is really going on with all that procrastination and self-sabotage? What if our problem isn’t a lack of motivation? What if the solution is something other than beating ourselves up or just trying harder?

    But how do we make the leap between thinking and doing?

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    September 1, 2023 15 mins

    In this solo message, I am talking to anyone who is feeling down. Anyone feeling like life has been a bit tough, or they are stuck or like something has passed you by. This is a message for you if (or when) you need *something.* So, if you’re riding high right now, this might not be your message today - you can just put this in your back pocket for when you need it. 


    But if you’ve b...

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    Women are not small men. We have different needs as we age.

    As women age, we experience additional hormonal changes associated with perimenopause and menopause. These changes can affect energy levels, body composition, and overall well-being.

    Dr. Stacy Sims' work has been revolutionary in empowering women to understand and embrace our unique physiology so we can continu...

    Mark as Played

    Mark as Played

    "I want to want sex, but I just don't." 

    In this episode, I'm talking to Desire Coach Janna about:

    Mark as Played

    Confidence is not about being the loudest talker in the room or having all the answers.

    It's about trusting yourself, being curious, and taking action based on that trust. I hope this conversation helps you go out there and be boldly YOU! 

    In this episode:

    • Exploring the concept of confidence and how it can be applied in both business and life
    • ...
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    It's Q&A time! In this episode:

    • Do you ever feel overwhelmed and how do you manage it?
    • What do your daily meals look like when you're not training for triathlon?
    • How do you remain consistent with moving your body? What's your mentality? Any tips/tricks?
    • What products do you use for your face and neck care routine?
    Mark as Played

    "If the fountain of youth were discovered, it would be filled with Nitric Oxide."

    What is Nitric Oxide and why is it so important to "anti-aging," sexual and athletic performance, and longevity?

    Dr. Nathan Bryan shares:

    • The surprising ways we disrupt Nitric Oxide production 
    • Erectile dysfunction (in women and men) and the role of Nitric Oxide
    • The dire consequenc...
    Mark as Played

    We're diving deep into the power of personal growth and reinvention for a career pivot or personal brand upgrade. In this episode with Derede McAlpin, we explore the importance of seeking feedback to understand how we show up in the world. We discuss:

    • Managing your personal brand and authenticity
    • Crisis management and reputation protection
    • Your personal brand and social media
    • Protecting kids' privacy on social media
    • The best w...
    Mark as Played

    In this episode with Dr. Rand McClain:

    • Unraveling the mysteries of hormone replacement therapy for both men and women 
    • The benefits of heat and cold immersion / cryotherapy 
    • How testosterone can reshape body composition and boost athleticism 
    • Is there truly a risk correlation between Bioidentical Ho...
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