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Episode 180: The Push-Pull of Independence

August 4, 201745 min
Excuse the thunderstorms and technical difficulties in this week's episode. Just keepin' it real for y'all. 00:32 Doggie Diagnosis: Think good thoughts for Nicole's pooch, who is going in for cancer surgery soon (but she's going to be fine!). 08:10 It's Good, Except When It's Bad: It’s supposed to be a positive thing when kids get more independent. But we're both happy and thrown into existential crisis. 21:22 Friday Speed Round: Parental Martyrdom: On a scale of sharing Ketchup Chips to watching The Emoji Movie, we gauge our willingness to play the martyr. 35:09 Roundabout Roundup: Catherine enjoyed the book Lab Girl by Hope Jahren, Nicole is cooking thanks to the Tasty app, and Terri would like every retailer to follow Home Depot's lead and text customers the exact location of products they're interested in. 40:26 Shameless Self-Promotion: Teach Your Kid to Walk, Bike, and Cross Streets Safely; Top 10 Things the Classroom Teacher Needs to Know About Your Child with Special Needs; Special Needs in the News, July 2017 Thanks as always to Jon Morin for our fun in-and-out music. If you're reading this somewhere without hyperlinks, come to for the full recap experience.

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