Podcast – That Dandy Classic Music Hour

Mix CD Roulette Part 3

November 6, 20170 sec
Third time the charm? Maybe yes, maybe no but it was one helluva show. If you're a regular listener of That Dandy Classic Music Hour you probably know the drill on this concept show as this is our third go-around with it. What Dan and Randy do is grab six random mix CD's that Randy's made over the years and assign them a #1 through 6. Then we roll a dice and whichever # it lands on we grab the corresponding disc, load it into the computer without knowing the songs on it, and then play the songs live on the air as they comment to what songs come up in real-time. Part time capsule, part free-style and all awesome it really is a fun time as literally any song can come on and we have to react as it plays. Quick wits and a crazy sense of humor win the day and hopefully we entertain you for 18 songs. Join us as we get a lot of Harvey Weinstein and Hollywood burning talk in this show and see where the winds of chance take us.

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