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April 30, 2024 55 mins

Ever wonder how to tackle a family trip to Korea and Japan without breaking the bank? Buckle up because today's episode is a real treat! Our very own Digital Business Manager, Megan, joins us to share her savvy strategies for a dream family vacation on a budget. Imagine flying your family halfway across the world and navigating foreign cities, all made significantly more affordable through the magic of points and miles.

Megan and her husband, parents to three adorable kids (including seven-year-old twins!), took the plunge and orchestrated a memorable adventure to Korea and Japan. From finding flights from small airports with surprising connections to making strategic decisions about where to splurge and save, Megan’s approach is a masterclass in points and miles.

Starting in Seoul and journeying through Japan, Megan’s story is filled with fun, food, and family. Her tips on using points for different aspects of the trip will inspire you to consider how you can leverage your travel rewards for unforgettable family experiences.

Whether you’re dreaming of neon-lit nights in Tokyo or serene mornings in Seoul, this episode will show you that such a grand adventure is within reach. Ready to learn how you can give your family the world without emptying your wallet? Hit play and join us for a journey through Korea and Japan with Megan’s travel savvy insights. Remember, this is just the sneak peek, so listen to the full episode for all the gems Megan has to offer!



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  • 2:30 Details on booking Delta flights through Air France from Rochester, NY to Seoul
  • 4:16 Arrival in Seoul and first impressions; navigating from the airport
  • 5:52 Staying in Seoul at the Grand Hyatt: How Megan managed hotel bookings on points and
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