Raising Other People’s Kids Podcast

031: Emerging Eagles [with guest, Pastor Ken Johnson]

August 2, 201850 min
Pastor Ken Johnson and I discuss his work with the Indianapolis Colts, how he and his wife Della has always opened his home to Other People's Kids, and we talk about him preparing for his legacy by planting a church, New Heights Church. The urgent wail of a police siren provides the background noise for the street where young Ken Johnson walks. He walks the street, absently kicking a discarded beer bottle. The surroundings mirror his own heart; dark and bleak. The neighborhood carries the same poverty-stricken, drug-laced stench of the last four years he has lived. Clutched in his hands is a tattered football; a symbol of the young boy’s one passion. Even though his mother sets aside her own well-being to provide for him, it isn’t enough. By high school graduation, he will have memorized a total of eighteen addresses, each one another dismal ghetto. As a young boy, Ken knew temptation and struggle intimately. Outside of his athleti

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