Road Dog Podcast

Road Dog Podcast

Adventure outside with Luis Escobar, trail running legend, race director, running mentor and photographer, as he converses with athletes and public figures about all things extreme sports. We’ll cover everything from sell-out trail races to the most unknown ultra-running adventures around the globe, swing over into the world of rock climbing, and dive into mountain biking, triathlons and more.


July 22, 2024 104 mins

“I hope people like the book. It’s happy and it’s sad. It’s extraordinarily emotional.”

Michael Salsbury is a runner, a family man and the author of Running From Tragedy. In this episode, Michael chats with Luis about his runner son Sebastian, his running, Broken Arrow, why he wrote the book, what’s the book about, his personal tragic family story, and why you should read it.

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“If you run with the Earth then you can run forever.”

Franziska Maria Chaidez Pretsch is a trail runner and life coach from Germany and currently lives in Oregon. In this episode, Franziska chats with Luis about her life journey, how she got into distance running, her love of Luna Sandals, her experience of running in the Copper Canyons, how travel is important, Born to Run, meeting her husband in Mexico, and being a life coach.


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“I can’t think of any scenario where I’ve witnessed such like a close-knit community that was accepting of new people.”

John Waters is runner and works in software. In this episode, John chats with Luis about moving to San Diego, his experience in the Copper Canyons, his experience at Born to Run, playing music in front of people, his prep for Leadville, and his mental health struggles.

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“That’s incredible that us as people can go out there and push ourselves that hard and just see where that edge is, and there’s kind of this fascination with like where is that edge and what does that feel like.” 

Rob DeCou is the Executive Producer and Co-Founder at Lux Virtual. He is also an ultra-endurance athlete. In this episode, Rob chats with Luis about his son getting into endurance sports, their experience at Born to Run, ...

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“Let them know it’s okay to ride or it’s okay to run. You’ll survive and you can switch off.”

Susan Smyth is the coordinator and ride manager of the Ride & Tie race. In this episode, Susan chats with Luis about Ride & Tie, the details around this special race based on the old Pony Express, where the race has been held, the Cool Summer Night Run which is happening in conjunction, and the event happening at the Milestone Saloon after...

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“A lot of times we tend to see medical issues from Robinson through Rucky Chucky. And that’s where we have a lot of our medical teams set up.”

Dr. Andy Pasternak is the medical director for the Western States 100-mile endurance run. In this episode, Dr. Andy chats with Luis about meeting at the Rose Bowl, being the medical director of Western States 100, his running experience, aid stations, most common issues runners have on the c...

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June 10, 2024 122 mins

“I am what I call a back of the packer runner. And I felt encouraged by everybody on the course. People that I would be like, why are they going to try and encourage me, they’re off running really fast. But everyone was so encouraging and so nice. I did not feel invisible on the course which sometimes I do.”

In this special episode, Luis chats with a dozen of Born to Run first timers. Hear their first-hand experiences at the event,...

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“I think that there is always room to grow, but you can’t grow without other people understanding where you can work with them and where they can work with you.”

Chris Andrews is a professional runner and coach. Chris chats with Luis about Born to Run Ultramarathon Extravaganza, how he got into running, getting robbed at gunpoint, running the Big Sur International Marathon, coaching other runners, relationships with sponsors, how t...

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“So then my younger brother calls me up and he’s freaked out. He is like, he has 12 half siblings. All different moms, all the same dad. His dad.”

Harris Goodman is a pathologist and a long-distance runner. In this episode, Harris chats with Luis about his experience at Tierra Redonda Mountain Trail Run, being a pathologist, the restorative reset that running gives him, how he got into running, and how he found multiple family memb...

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“I just really love being out on the mountains, spending longer runs out on the mountains, and I’m just stoked on hard trail running right now.”

Aimee Kohler is a mountain runner and chats with Luis about being a Fit Specialist at a running store, common mistakes people make when choosing shoes, maintaining trails, OCR events, running in the Copper Canyons, The Running Kind events,

Derringer Silva joins Luis for some bonus content ...

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April 29, 2024 71 mins

“This is so much fun and all the flags are flying, and I think there was dirt wrestling happening, and everybody had their beverage of choice cracked open.”

Colin Dean is a musician and leader of the Brass Mash Band out of San Luis Obispo. Colin chats with Luis about the California central coast, Cal Poly, trombones, how he got into music, his favorite shows to play, the worst show he’s played, practice, and his experience playing ...

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“I’m really fucking good at ignoring pain.”

Michael Versteeg is a bad ass professional distance runner sponsored by Satisfy. Hear about him building tiny homes, why he walked off the Colorado Trail after completing over 400 miles, his musical tastes, microdosing and why he will never tape his nipples. David Valenzuela gives his best advice for making the thru-hike on the A.T. He talks about wearing sandals and ...

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April 15, 2024 190 mins

Adam Lopez is a musician, music teacher, and runner. This Road Dog musical special episode was recorded live at the Tierra Redonda Mountain Trail Run.

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“We started our Friday runs and those are ones we call caffeinated rituals.”

Michael Nájera is a runner from Los Angeles. In this episode, Michael chats with Luis about his parents migrating from Mexico, how he got started running, running in high school, running on dirt, traveling up to run Born to Run, his informal run meet up called Tofu Scramble, virtual run challenges, and yoga.

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April 1, 2024 57 mins

“I just like running. I like running. I Like spending time with my friends and that’s pretty much I think what everybody else is out there for to.”

Andrew Miller is the 2016 Western States winner in under 16 hours. In this episode, Andrew chats with Luis about winning the Western States 100 at 20 years old, the details he remembers about that win, coaching runners, what types of runners he like working with, planning a 200-mile rac...

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“There’s a couple of things I do well. I drink beer really really well and I enjoy lots of it. And I run. I am a better beer drinker than I am a runner but I found that they both go hand and hand.”

Brad Garfinkel is a beer drinker and a runner. In this special episode, we mash up the Beer on the Run podcast with Road Dog Podcast to get Beer on the Road Dog Podcast. Hear Brad chat with guest hosts Clint Welch and Jack Rosenfeld abou...

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“You might be needing to use caffeine different ways depending on if you’re using it to help make the right decisions, or to avoid sleep, or for motivation.”

David Hellard is one of the presenters of the Golden Trail Series, ultra marathon runner, running journalist, founder of Caffeine Bullet and presenter on The Bad Boy Running Podcast. In this episode, David chats with Luis about his proudest running accomplishments, the Golden ...

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March 11, 2024 72 mins

“I feel like these endurance events really unite participants, volunteers, and others to respect our forests and rivers while in pursuit of athletic dreams and wilderness adventures.”

Bob Crowley, Hal Hall, and Tim Twietmeyer are the authors of the new book, States The Places We Run: Celebrating 50 years of American Ultrarunning History. In this special episode, Luis sits in on a live talk with the 3 authors of the book hosted by P...

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“As runners age, all sorts of things age. Our cardio vascular system, our feet, our mobility, but for some reason, in uphill running, the aging curve is different.”

Richard Larsen is a 72-year-old mountain runner who specializes in running uphill. In this episode, Richard chats with Luis about starting a running club, mountain running, 5ks, advice for older folks looking to remain injury free, and short stride length.

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“I would say what differentiates us is we try to take a very holistic approach. Thinking about the athlete as an individual outside of running.”

Jade Belzberg and Nickademus de la Rosa are ultra-runners and coaches. In this episode, they chat with Luis about moving to San Luis Obispo, survival run in Nicaragua called Fuego Y Agua, Jade’s first ultra at Born to Run, Golden Trail Series, finishing the Barkley Marathons, the Hurt 100,...

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