Ron's Amazing Stories

RAS #290 - The C-Chute

June 29, 201755 min
On Ron’s Amazing Stories this week we have a captured rocket ship and the crew’s attempt to regain control. We also tell a tale of poison toadstools, time travel to July 14, 1940 and hear a special story from you guys in your own voice! Our OTR Story - The C-Chute Our story comes from the classic sci fi series X Minus One, which aired on NBC from 1955 until 1958. A small band of humans aboard a spaceship that has been captured by enemy aliens must work out a way to retake the vessel. This one based on a short story written by Isaac Asimov and was first published in Galaxy magazine, in October 1951.  It is called C-Chute and first aired on February 8, 1956. Program Notes: If you want to contact Vito Papariello his email address is: Next Week is the fourth. Ron’s Amazing Stories will be taking the week off, but not to worry we will have a replay for you.

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