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Being a woman is a superpower, and we get to have a lot of cool nicknames. Super Mom. Super Wife. Super Career Woman/Entrepreneur. But the pressure to live up to these personas is REAL. Day after day, we have to stay on top of hundred-and-one responsibilities... or else the world around us crumbles. And this load we carry can have adverse effects on our lives, health, and relationships. The good news is there are effective ways for you to heal from these and live your best life! That’s what this podcast is about. Tune in as Misty Williams, founder of, hosts exciting conversations with experts on women’s health to help conquer your daily stressors and thrive! Start healing from chronic health issues today and get ready to achieve profound transformation.


October 25, 2022 28 min

When I was in my 30s, I used to run half marathons. I just loved the discipline and feeling so fit and strong … developing my cardiovascular fitness was amazing. I used to hate the idea of running and avoid it at all costs!

After a couple of years of running, I started developing nagging injuries that knocked me off the road.

I used Zyflamend, an awesome anti-inflammatory, to control the swelling, and while it helped, ultimately,...

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Just how important are our lungs?We don’t pay much attention to our lung health, but the lungs are one of the crucial organs in our body.Whether you’ve only had a mild symptom or you’re still struggling with the long-term effects of COVID, you may have gotten present to the vital role your lungs play in your overall health.So today, we’re going to explore what we can do to keep our lungs healthy. 

Dr. Rodger Murphree is going to gi...

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Thinning hair, weight gain, exhaustion, brain fog, afternoon energy dips, cold hands and feet …  you may have heard that these things can all point to a thyroid issue.But what does that mean?  And how do you know if you have a thyroid issue?In my interview with the amazing Inna Topiler, we’re going to talk hypothyroid,Hashimotos and your thyroid type... 

Knowing how to navigate your own labs to make sense of your thyroid health is...

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Women naturally bring supportive energy to relationships. 

And because of social conditioning plus the heart and soul we put into what we are creating, we also become overly accountable for others’ happiness and well-being.

We do it all…

This pushes us to keep giving, giving, giving that supportive energy … and we often lose track of our own needs. We give more than we’re getting. 

This is depleting and soul-crushing, leading t...

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Have you ever felt like life was an uphill battle … or felt exhausted from swimming upstream?In 2018, I had a life-changing conversation with Human Design Expert and Astrologer Barbara Ditlow… She helped me understand how my energetic imprint was designed to work with flow and ease…She decoded so many aspects of my experience so I could ra-align with the energy of those around me to get the support I needed to lead more effectively...

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It’s been almost three years since the world lockdown. And yet, despite things “returning to normal,” we are still dealing with the adverse side effects of the pandemic.

I was devastated when it was first announced that schools would close and everyone should stay at home. 

I remember thinking, “what about those families where home isn't a safe place?”

“What about the women who are going to be locked in with an abusive husba...

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I went over 144 hours (that’s over 6 days) with no sleep. I was coming unraveled emotionally, weepy and overwhelmed… Why can’t I sleep???I tried every trick to get some shut-eye after a botched operation. I was at my wit’s end, so  I called a dear friend and high performance coach for help. After hearing about my story and telling him everything that’s happened to me, he told me:  you need to breathe.He told me the breath pattern I...

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There is a piece to this whole puzzle that has been baffling to me as a patient for the last decade.

For years, I have struggled to get past the biohacking “props” like thyroid and hormone support, along with so many supplements to support energy and help me with my symptoms…We were damming the waters, but not uncovering why we needed a dam in the first place.  

I knew something deeper was going on, but I didn’t know how to uncov...

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What do you do when you get a serious diagnosis, along with a protocol of drugs, surgeries and their chilling side effects? 

My friend, Dr. Al Danenberg, was diagnosed with incurable bone marrow cancer in 2018, and given six months to live. He refused chemotherapy and decided to take charge of his health.  As a self-proclaimed geek, he did his research and created what he calls his 11 Unconventional Cancer Protocols.It’s been fou...

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I’ve been through times in my life where I’ve felt like the stress is overwhelming, and I’m stuck with it. How do I shift responsibility and lighten my load when there are people counting on me?  


How do I shift unhealthy dynamics that seem deeply ingrained in my relationships?


Where are the resources going to come from to get my health back on track?I met my dear friend Mark England five years ago during a workshop he was lea...

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You’re working with a functional medicine doc to help you uncover the root causes of your flabby, foggy and fatigued … but something is missing.

You’re still struggling with symptoms that just won’t resolve: you’re exhausted, your sleep sucks, your brain gets jammed or the weight just won’t let go. They ran some tests, you changed your diet and are taking supplements, but it’s not been enough. You’re still looking for answers. 


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August 9, 2022 59 min

Have you ever thought your metabolism was broken?“Getting older” is often blamed, but the truth is, our bodies are burdened by a toxic load that increases as we age, derailing our hormones, impairing our immune system and allowing all sorts of chronic infections to give our metabolisms a serious beat-down. 


And healing our metabolisms can feel daunting.

Dr. Mariza Snyder is an expert on metabolism and hormones, and she’s giving ...

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My mom has osteoporosis, and I have been digging in with her over the last year to figure out what we can do to support her body and rebuild her bones.


It seems like every woman I know over 65 has osteoporosis. There is so much misinformation out there in conventional medicine land on what to do to manage this disease… things like: 


🦴 Take calcium, Vit. D and Fosamax

🦴 Go for a walk

🦴 Do weight-bearing e...

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“You’re going to grow up, go to college, and not depend on a man!”This was the message my mom started programming me with from a young age… 6, 7, 8 years old… born out of her trauma of struggling in a marriage where there was never enough money  to cover our family expenses, married to a man who thought it was “women’s work” to help out at home with the kids, housekeeping and shopping.

Growing up, my mom was a strong woman … SUPER...

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We often hear how important it is to optimize our mineral levels, particularly magnesium. So imagine my surprise when I did a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Test … and my magnesium levels were high.  


Which meant my cells weren’t absorbing the magnesium I was taking. 😳

When Barton Scott, founder of Upgraded Formulas, reviewed my lab results, he pointed out that my trouble concentrating for longer periods of time was likely...

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I’ve spent an insane amount of time trying to navigate the conventional medical system to find the right doctors or practitioners to help me heal…I’ve found some help, particularly around bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and thyroid support.  


Here’s a dirty little secret I wish I would have realized a decade ago: what we all need to help us go deep and uncover our deeper, root-cause stressors is someone trained in functi...

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When my flabby, foggy and fatigued symptoms started appearing, changing my lifestyle and paying for labs + supplements + practitioners was not in my budget.I was so scared that I’d get so sick, I couldn’t work.It was intimidating to consider the investment that I would need to make to get my life back…

On top of that, I lacked “people” resources. Finding doctors in Nashville who practiced outside the conventional medicine ...

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I wanted to share Monica’s story with you the moment I heard it…

With her father at the forefront of the animal rights movement in the US, she lived her childhood and early adult life with a purely plant-based diet. 

She was an athlete and a dancer in her teens and she enjoyed a happy, healthy adult life.

Until at 34, she tried a trendy detox program that triggered a system crash and decade-long downward spiral ridden with mystery ...

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In 2013, I gained 45 pounds in three months … out of the blue.  It was scary and overwhelming, and I had a really challenging time finding a doctor to help me understand what happened to my body.When I was finally diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Failure and put on Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), I began releasing the 45 lbs that I mysteriously gained.As my journey unfolded, I struggled with falling asleep and stay...

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I heard “your labs are normal” after sharing my flabby, foggy and fatigued symptoms with my doctor more times that I can count.It was MADDENING and I went through a bunch of doctors early in my journey, looking for someone who would run the right labs and help me uncover why my body was struggling so much.  I felt gaslit; no one took my desire to figure out what was wrong with my body seriously.

I was even dropped from someone’s pr...

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