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6: 3 Of My MLM "Amplifiers"

August 3, 201716 min
Ho, ho, what's going on everyone? This is Steve Larsen, and you are listening to Secret MLM Hacks Radio.   Here's the real mystery. How do real MLMers like us, [inaudible 00:00:10] even cheat and only bug family members and friends, who want to grow a profitable home business, how do we recruit A players into our downlines and create extra incomes, yet still have plenty of time for the rest of our lives? That's the blaring question, and this podcast will give you the answer. My name is Steve Larsen, and welcome to Secret MLM Hacks Radio.   All right, all right. Guys, I'm so excited to do this. It's one a.m. in the morning right now, and I've just had this on my mind, and so I decided that I would just record it anyway, even though I have got to get up soon. I just really like what I do, so I just decided to stay up and get it done.   Anyways, hey guys, today I wanted to talk real quick about the three things that changed my MLM business forever. You know what's funny is, I once sat down and I wrote all of the business that I had done and tried and tried to make money in, and I sat down, I wrote them all out, and it was, just off the cuff, it was probably 14, 15 businesses. It was a lot. This wasn't small, little endeavors, like I tried that for a day or two, this was four, five, six months per thing.   I've been selling stuff in the business world for a long time now, especially comparative to most people, far longer than most people do it, or make it I should say. You know what's funny is, on every single one of them, if I had the three things that I'm about to tell you right now, I know I may not be talking to you right now. Number one, I'm like, I wish I knew these three things. Stuff would have been so different, but at the same time, I wouldn't be here talking to you right now, in your ears, and that makes me sad.   All right, heres the three things okay? I remember, one of the very first businesses that I created, that was on a subscription model, was a smartphone insurance company. It was a company called Fixed Insurance. What we did was, we went and we were looking at all the different insurance models for smartphones, and they're ridiculous. Some of them, they're just straight-up ripping people off, and we're like, "Oh, we could totally sell that better."   One of my buddies had a smartphone repair shop. He owned it for a long time. He did great things with it, and then he flipped it around and he sold it, and made profit and it was great. He's like, "Dude, Steven, let's go make this smartphone insurance company, um, and er, you handle like the onboarding of customers, and er, and I'll go handle like the back and management part of it," and I was like, "Sweet. Hey, this is cool right." I was in the middle of college, we were both excited, we were ready to rock and roll on it, and it was going to be really cool.   Well, we got to work, and we wrote out exactly what it is that we were selling. We figured out what the different things were we could offer with it. We went and actually started looking at what all of the people who were also selling smartphone insurance already were already doing. Same thing that I tell you guys to do. Same thing that I did. I went out to the top MLM people, and I was like, what do these people do? What are they actually doing? Oh my gosh, it's totally different things than the upline's telling me to do. I'm going to stop doing the things the upline's telling me to do, and start doing what the top MLM guys are doing. You know what I mean? That's basically how it happened. That's one of the turning things.   But for the smartphone insurance thing, we did the exact same thing. We were looking at all the other top people, all the other top companies. How are they selling, how are they selling, or what are they selling? It's funny because we went and we planned this thing out. I handled the technology side of it, I built what we call sales funnels, and I put together a sales funnel online, it was all automated, so that someone could buy and there was automation. They could handle their policies, all this stuff. I went and I put it all together, and it was really cool. It was cool, and we built it, we put it all together, we hit the go button, and we had a few customers buy. Not many, but enough to be breaking even. We're like, you know, really wish there was more people, but that's not bad. All right, cool.   What's funny is, it just floundered. It just stayed there for a little while. At first, its was just like, well this is just the period where they're just talking to the people that they know, and customers will be coming soon. They never did though. I looked back on that and I was like what happened? This is so weird. How come these people aren't joining? What the big problem with this? What I realized is that, I got this from Russel Brunson, if you know who he is, he teaches that you need to first figure out your what and your how.   Number one thing, to take you from zero to $1,000,000, is he teaches is, you've got to figure out first your what. What are you actually selling? What's the offer? What is it that people want to buy? Then you need to figure out the how. How do you sell this thing? How do you get traffic? How do you get eyeballs to see it? How do you get people to come and convert? Whether it's from people who know you or people who are off the street, what's the way that sells the best with your thing?   That's what I always tell people, going and talking to people in the freaking street does not sell well. That's the wrong how on how to sell. There's easier ways to do it. People who are already pre-dispositioned to actually buy and get into your MLM, go find those people. Walking around on the street, I'm sure that great people have been recruited like that, but it's sometimes, anyways, it's challenging okay? It's not nearly as fun of a business to be a part of when that's your strategy of how to make the sale. You've got to figure out the what and you've got to figure out the how. That's number one.   As soon as you figure out the what, and what's cool is that your MLM has already figured out the what. They know what the what is, they've given you the what. They've figured out hey, here's this cool product, you're holding the what. What do you sell? They gave it to you. What's the other part of the opportunity? Cool, they gave that to you also. The what is almost completely figured out. Almost. There's another step, but I'll dive into that in another podcast here.   The how is the part that most people don't think through, and so the uplines are typically the ones who give the how to you, and they say, "Write out this big list of people right, an-, and go bug the crap out of them until they actually join." That's the how, because most MLMers don't know how to market. Anyways, that's what my course teaches. That's why I put this thing together, because I'm a marketer by trade, and I was like, hey, this could work really well in MLM, and it does.   Anyways, so number one, you've got to figure out your what and your how. The what's already almost basically taken care of for you, the how, you've got to figure how to get eyeballs in front of it. That's number one. That's totally changed my business, when I figured out how to do that, because I figured out a what. I figured out a what, and then I figured out the how. I know how traffic comes to it. I know who to target, I know where those people are, who when they fill my downline, they aren't leaches. They're self-solvers. They get out there and do it. They don't sit around and suck to me and say, "What should I do?" Or they don't run from me, and I have to track them down. They're not that kind of person.   You don't want that kind of person. The things I've built and the internet presence, and all the thins I've built, are as much to recruit people as much as it is to actually push away the other kind of person. It's literally a filter. It's a lock gate. I don't want people who are not self-solvers, who aren't go-getters, and I'm sure you're the exact same.   Anyway, so number one, the what and the how. Number two, guys I can not tell you what has happened in my life sines I began to publish regularly. I don't care what the platform is that you choose to do, I don't care even the frequency, as long as it is somewhat frequent. Some people do it every day. I think that's really intense, overkill. I can't do that every day, that's crazy. Maybe you can, that's awesome, but choose a platform. Some people do a YouTube video and they just talk into the camera, and they share what kind of cool things are going on or whatever it is. Whatever it is, you have got to publish regularly.   Podcasting is my way to do that. I love audio, I love music. I've had a lot people ask me, "Steven, are you a radio announcer in your previous life?" The answer's no, I just really like it and I study it a lot. Anyways, regular publishing is insane. Oh my gosh, I encourage you to do it so much. Some of you guys that want to be bloggers, great, then blog regularly. You will gain a following that you can market your products to. You can come from this great position of not being pushy, because they've been listening to you for a while. They've seen what kind of character you have. Their walls have come down, they're able to receive a sales message. But if you lead with the sales message, man you push people away so fast.   Several things happen when you publish regularly. Number one, you get to coach people. There's really two things, I think I talk about this in a previous podcast, but number one, if you can find a coach, hopefully someone in your upline of your own MLM, if not, I'm happy to do it. I'm not saying, "Join my downline," I'm saying listen to this podcast because this all I talk about. Number one, you've got to find a coach, somewhere, somehow, a mentor. If you don't know how to market, find someone who knows how to market, or find a way around it.   Number two, so number one is find a coach, number two is be a coach. When you are a coach, one of the easiest ways to be a coach, even if it's not one-on-one, is to just publish regularly. You will get better at your craft. you will better at your message. You'll get better, and I know some people are like, "Well I'm not very good at talking." That's okay. You can write. Whatever it is, some kind of regular communication, or attach yourself to somebody who is. Anyway, I cannot believe, I've spoken on stages because of my podcasts. I've gone and I've met amazing people because of podcasting. It doesn't matter, it's not just podcasts, whatever it, is, regular publishing.   Number one, you've got to figure out what you're selling and how it sells. Number two, you've got to publish regularly. These are the easiest three steps on the planet okay guys. Don't look at them and be like, "Oh, this is so much stuff," just break them down bite-sized. Number one, what are you selling? How can you make it just a little bit different than everybody else? Number two, or second part of that, how does it sell? How do you get the eyeballs in front of it? How do get people in front of it? For me personally, I wanted to build a sweet system that would help me to do it, so I did and it totally works, it's awesome.   Number two, you got to publish regularly, which leads me to number three. Number three is I encourage you to find ways to not be attached to fulfillment yourself. Let me explain what I mean. I'm one of the coaches, I shouldn't say one of, I am the coach for a program called Two Comma Club Coaching. Two commas meaning $1,000,000. What I do, is I'm the guy that runs the program for Two Comma Club Coaching. I always try and keep what I do off to the side a little bit just so you guys know that I'm not promoting other things that's going on, but just so you know a little more about me, I am the guy that runs Two Comma Club Coaching.   Super fun, really enjoy it, a lot of fun, I absolutely adore it, but what's funny is, that a lot times when I help people come up with offers or help people come up with what they're selling, how to make it different, how to get the eyeballs, how to create all of their system, things like that, a lot of times, what they'll do is they'll tie themselves to the fulfillment, meaning they say, "Hey, when you join this, I'll do a call with you every week, for two hours, at this day." That's really great at first, but man, hopefully your team grows so fast that you can't handle it anymore. Does that make sense?   I was helping my dad come up with an offer once, a cool product, and it does great, it's awesome, and he's figured out the what. He's trying to figure out the how right now though, and he's got people seeing it, it's starting convert, he's regularly publishing, and then I helped him create the system. He's was saying, "Hey, how about I go do this cool, you know, one-on-one coaching calls with these people when they buy the product?"   This was unrelated to MLM. This was another industry. It was in the financial markets area. I was like, "You know what? That's sounds cool, and it certainly is sexy, and it makes the offer more sexy, but that is, i-, it's not that you don't want to serve people, it's not that you don't want to help people, but that's going to be hell tl-, to fulfill on right. Hopefully a ton of people buy your thing dad, you know," or whoever it was I was coaching in Two Comma Club, "Hopefully the, it sells like hot cakes, and because n- you don't want yourself tied to the fulfillment. It takes away the automation right."   Number one, the what and the how. Number two, regular publishing, and number three, a system. What I did is I set off, this was almost four years ago now when I drove my first MLM, it was an utter failure because I didn't have a system. It was haphazard. My system became literally goin door-to-door, and I didn't have a system. There wasn't a system. There was no process. I wasn't thinking through all my moves. There was no big, long-term strategy behind it. All I would do is I would continually write out lists of people's name, and lists of what would happen if one of their friends joined, and what they looked like on the [inaudible 00:13:34] plan. I know that you have done that, especially if you're listening to this podcast, you've probably done that and that's fine. We've all done that, but that's not a system though. It's not a marketing system that pulls people in for you.   It's not to take the human out of the machine. Its not to make it so that this is less personal. That's not it at all. All it means is it helps me talk to people who are actually serious, who actually know how to market a little bit, or who want to learn. I want to talk to those people. I don't want to talk to people who have no desire at all to learn how to drive an add or whatever it is. That's not the kind of person I'm looking for, and that's okay. You can be picky. You're going to spend a lot time with these people. Would you want to go on a vacation with them? If not, don't recruit them.   Anyway, I hope that's helped. Anyway, so the what and how, that's huge, that's number one. What are you selling, how does it sell? Number two, please find a way to regularly publish. YouTube is a great way. It's free, you can just keep putting videos out there, it's not that hard at all. You can get your smartphone out and literally upload it straight to your own channel. But regularly publishing, this is my second podcast channel. I actually have another podcast channel, and it's been going for almost exactly a year now. I've had almost 50,000 downloads on it, and it's grown my audience like crazy. It's made my craft better. Anyway. I podcast more than once a week over there, and it's been fantastic. A lot of interviews, a lot of great stuff.   But what it's done is insane. I can't even believe it, and everybody kept telling me that, "Go, go publish. Go be regularly publishing right. You'll start building your culture, you'll start building your tribe." Anyways, it's amazing how much angst that has shortcutted, regularly publishing in my own MLM. It's amazing, it's insane. Still blown away by it.   Then number three, you've got to create the system. What is the system? If you want a good example of that, I talk about ways that you can do that. This is my little plug okay. It's totally free, you can go get it if you want to. If you go to, and just put your email in, for five days I'll just send you a video, and what it is is a video that teaches you different ways that you can recruit. It helps break and rebuild the mindset and beliefs you may have about the MLM industry, and it's in such a way that you can actually send it to your downline as well, by simply sharing. Anyway, very powerful stuff.   Anyways guys, hey thanks so much. Hope you enjoyed this episode, and I will see you on the next one. I got a really cool surprise actually for that. It's going to be good.   Hey, thanks for listening. Please remember to subscribe and leave feedback. Would you like me to teach your own downline five simple MLM recruiting tips for free? If so, go download your free MLM masters pack by subscribing to this podcast at

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