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A weekly podcast that explains burning issues that you should know, to help you appear smarter than you are, to an audience that knows no less ;-) So basically, we take topics and attempt to deconstruct them - using a bit of humour and analogies and quotes from Yes, Prime Minister. Hosted by: Chuck aka Deepak Gopalakrishnan: A guy who makes Powerpoints in an ad agency for a living, and does some random stuff on the side, including cartooning, BSchool-oriented comedy, teaching (!) and cycling. His Twitter handle is @chuck_gopal. Naren aka Narendra Shenoy: An industrial mogul (maybe) who is one of the funniest bloggers in the country (yes!). Well-traveled, well-read, well-opinionated, well-of-course is the sagacious Naren. Follow him at @shenoyn. We are proud to now be a part of the IndusVox Media Podcast network \o/... Show More

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