Somewhere in the Skies

UFO Happy Hour!

August 5, 2018107 min
On episode 68 of SOMEWHERE IN THE SKIES, Ryan is joined by Rob Kristoffersen of the Our Strange Skies Podcast. They pull up a stool at the cosmic watering hole, crack open a couple beers, and let it rip. From skeletons and mummies being touted as aliens... to the dated and inaccurate Air Force-appointed acronym of "U.F.O"... to their thoughts on the new History Channel television series, Project Blue Book, which both praises and completely botches our "UFO Dad"; J. Allen Hynek.  Round two of drinks finds the guys answering listener questions with brutal honesty. What do they really think of Billy Meir? What cases do they wish they could personally investigate and what conclusions would they come up with? Did aliens really ask a chicken farmer for jugs of water, and in return, cooked him some pancakes? And what do they think is the bigges

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