Subtle Medicine

Subtle Medicine


Ep. 24: The Four Pillars of Wholeness

February 19, 201932 min

32 min
Ep. 23: Seasonal Living & The Energies of Winter

January 24, 201933 min

33 min
Ep. 22: De-Shaming & Reclaiming the Yoni

January 7, 201923 min

23 min
Ep. 21: Shadow Work Explained

November 19, 201832 min

32 min
Ep. 20: The Energetics of Fall

November 9, 201828 min

28 min
Ep. 19: The Real Roots of Addiction

November 7, 201826 min

26 min
Ep. 18: How Shame Shows Up In The Body

October 2, 201830 min

30 min
Ep. 18: How Shame Shows Up In The Body

October 1, 20188 min

8 min
Ep. 17: Feminine Shame

September 24, 201834 min

34 min
Ep. 16: Shame: The Root of All Suffering

September 10, 201834 min

34 min

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