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TGP: The Guerrilla Press 5/10/2018

May 10, 201831 min
On this week’s high-energy episode of The Guerrilla Press, the guys go a little off the rails and really rant on the hot topics in the WWE today, including: Was Backlash the worst PPV in recent memory? Is the WWE intentionally trying to put on bad shows so others seem “bigger”? The run-times and lateness of not only the PPVs, but of wrestling in general. How Can we be expected to watch this much wrestling in a week? Sam draws very thoughtful and astute comparisons of wrestling to soap operas. There has to be lore to the AJ/Nakamura feud than just kicks to the nuts....right? Was Rusev’s win over Bryan on Tuesday more about Rusev’s rise...or more about the re-build of Daniel Bryan? and more

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