The 17 Verses Podcast: Distilling the Qur'an One Day at a Time

Year 3 - Surah 5 (Al-Mâ‘idah), Verses 1-19

August 6, 20178 min
As-salaam wa-alaikum, brothers and sisters.  Today's selection is from Surah 5, Al-Mâ‘idah or the Repast, verses 1-19. The selection discuss foods which are allowed and forbidden. It lays down guidelines for wudu (ablution prior to prayer) as well as the obligations of fasting and charity. There is a discussion regarding the Christians and Jews, how the Qur'an claims they have strayed from the path and verses originally brought to them. The Qur'an claims that there are no special children of Allah, as is claimed by both groups, given that such groups have from time to time been punished by God. Lastly, Christians and Jews are invited to hear the word of Islam.  If you enjoy the podcast, HELP SPREAD THE WORD! Tell your friends and family, subscribe in iTunes or Stitcher and write us a review.  Show notes and text episode:  iTunes -  Stitcher -  RSS -

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