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Wis, January 2018: Social Issues in Games

January 30, 201839 min
This Weeks Hosts: Liam, Ian and Sean This week the party discuss the rather heavy topic of bringing social issues in to games. Show Notes: 00:50 The Lives in Crisis Larp 01:30 Sacks of grain don't solve everything 03:35 Invading other countries, even to help them, is wrong 04:10 Voices from the past 05:05 Educating the Players 06:05 TV is not real 07:15 Ian sounds really excited about bringing the Go Pro to the Larp (Ian forgot to bring the Go Pro to the Larp) 09:15 The Oxfam Larp Kit stall that was at Gaelcon 10:20 Charity stores are a nerds gold mine 11:28 Sean hates having emotions 12:00 The importance of telegraphing the issue 12:50 The Referendum on the 8th Amendment 13:15 Play/Test Galway 13:36 Dr Larp I presume 13:42 Feminism Nano Games 14:45 Cat Tobin 17:50 It's important not to lecture 18:15 Surprising Players with Reality 20:40 The subject of length 21:00 Liam is a terrible communicator 24:37 Rule #1 - Don't Judge 26:40 This war of mine 28:45 Liam expresses his enjoyment of sorrow 30:00 What if someone isn't engaging? 32:10 Intervention 33:11 Dealing with game breakers 34:23 People Liam doesn't want to talk to 36:40 We could go on... but don't 37:26 What's next for Lives in Crisis? ... There are other conventions

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