The Art of Likability

152) Vibrate more positive energy

August 6, 201713 min
Have you ever met someone, and you couldn't explain why, but you just liked them? Have you ever met someone and just didn't "vibe" with them? What's that about? When we talk about "energy" some people evoke thoughts of crystals and woo-woo kind of stuff. But energy effects our moods, how excited or not excited we are about something. How can we vibrate more positive energy? How can we make it work for us in a real way? This week's episode answers that question.  Make sure to leave some positive energy in the form of a 5-star review Join our newsletter here: Follow Arel Moodie on all social media by connecting with @arelmoodie. He's the only "Arel Moodie" in the world, very easy to find him online :)

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