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Necromancy Radio: Bestial Mouths Interview

August 6, 201768 min
As I listen to Bestial Mouths I am transported into a catharsis of gothic spoken word, industrial synth and a tribal soundscape that is not only powerful and intricate, but fragile in the same harrowing breath. Lynette Cerezo, is the creator and vocalist for this FABULOUS injection of new wave gothic sound. Having departed from the world of fashion design and been a political activist for gender equality, her music transcends darkness, embracing horror based iconography of needles and thread, skin, sexuality, and witchery as discourse for the direction of her music videos. I could best describe the music akin as the combination of vocals by Diamanda Galas, the verve of Peaches combined with echoes of NIN meets the digital landscape of Psychic TV. Their debut album Heartless will take you on an exploration of self-expression that can be described as tribal modern day electro-incantations for the darkest of souls. Having toured since 2012 and last year being nominated as best band of 2016 by, Bestial Mouths are to perform this August at Entremuralhas 2017 – Festival Gótico – VIII Edição in Portugal, then onto Kalabalik på Tyrolen Festival in Sweden. This is part of a 20-date European tour, successfully promoting their new digital remix album (Still) Heartless. Check out their official website TGW †† BESTIAL MOUTHS OFFICIAL BESTIAL MOUTHS FACEBOOK BESTIAL MOUTHS INSTAGRAM BESTIAL MOUTHS TWITTER BESTIAL MOUTHS YOUTUBE BESTIAL MOUTHS BANDCAMP

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