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The Reason We All Cheat - Stuart Tells All - Encore

February 28, 201928 min
In this encore episode of The Couples Expert Podcast, Stuart is discussing a troubling topic today; infidelity. All of Stuart’s work centers around creating and maintaining healthy couple relationships. He believes that this is truly the cornerstone of a healthy society as a whole. Healthy relationships passed down from parents who model them for their children create generations of healthy relationships and a healthier society overall. Infidelity, whether it be sexual, emotional or even financial in nature, breaks down the connection and the trust that’s needed to keep the relationship healthy and happy. It’s his belief that infidelity causes some of the most severe relationship injuries that exist.   What you’ll learn from today’s podcast: Infidelity destroys families and destroys connections [4:03] Infidelity creates personal emotional trauma [10:20] Men and women approach infidelity differently [14:22] Strip clubs, massage parlors and prostitution are a factor [16:24] Reasons why men cheat [18:05] Women have different reasons to cheat  [22:02] A return to attachment is needed [23:03]

Chat About The Reason We All Cheat - Stuart Tells All - Encore