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What Is Trust

August 4, 20171 min
What is Trust in a marriage? In today's video Stuart delves into the topic of trust and what it means to really have trust in your partner. When it comes to relationships, most people think of trust as it relates to infidelity. But, trust is more than whether or not someone is having an affair or cheating on their partner. Think about the following questions. Answer them honestly to yourself. Your answers will reveal to you whether or not you truly trust your partner. Do you trust your partner to do their part in the relationship? Do you trust your partner to be there for you when you need them? Do you trust that your partner will do what he/she says they will do? Do you trust your partner with money? Do you trust your partner with decision making? I could keep going but you get the point. After looking at trust in a much broader sense, can you honestly say that you trust your partner? If your answer is no, there is some work that the two of you need to do on your relationship. Underlying feelings of distrust will manifest, and can be the root cause of many disagreements and arguments. It's time to build trust and Get On The Same Page!!

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