Ep 47 Creativity: Understanding and applying empathy in your work37 min
Ep 46 Leadership: Why creatives quit and what you can do about it46 min
My new Lynda.com course ‘Leading Creative Teams'2 min
Ep 45 Leadership: Become a better leader with the 10/80/10 rule17 min
Ep 44 Your career: Make your own luck19 min
Ep 43 Creativity: Understanding and breaking through creative slumps44 min
Ep 42 App design: How to design a great mobile app46 min
Ep 41 Creativity: Understanding and embracing insecurity40 min
Creativity: Who owns creativity: In-house or agency teams?38 min
Adobe MAX 2017: My 2 new session on personal branding and in-house teams3 min
Ep 39 Mentoring: How find or become a mentor49 min
Ep 38 Creative Direction: Building stronger relationships with your clients (even the difficult ones)44 min
Ep 37 Creativity: How to stop executive interference in your creative process36 min
Ep 36 Listener questions: When do you ask for a raise, making remote teams work and valuing creative talent46 min
Ep 35 Design Thinking: Part 3 - Implementation phase and how build it into your culture50 min
Ep 34 Design Thinking: Part 2 - Ideation phase44 min
Ep 33 Design Thinking: Part 1 - Overview and Inspiration phase49 min
Ep 32 Disruption: Create game-changing ideas by seeing opportunities before anyone else37 min
Ep 31 Listener questions: Setting your salary and showing the value of an in-house team33 min
Ep 30 Client-side creativity: How to fix broken client-side creative teams50 min
Ep 29 Public Speaking: How to become a great public speaker49 min
Ep 28 Career advice: Everything important I've learned in my career so far52 min
Ep 27 Creativity: The importance of happiness in creativity42 min
Quick updates: News, resources and a little shameless self promotion7 min
Ep 26 Creativity: Creativity is a blue collar profession48 min
Ep 25 Digital design: What are atomic design systems and why are they the future?50 min
Ep 24 Process: Making design work with agile methodologies41 min
Ep 23 Leadership: My talk with Scott Morrison at the 2016 Fifteen Seconds Festival19 min
Ep 22 Business: 5 Ways to Build Rapport with Your Clients32 min
Ep 21 Leadership: Success is a choice from Adobe MAX 201667 min
Ep 20 Creativity: Insights from my dinner with chef Thomas Keller on creativity and culture41 min
Ep 19 Digital design: 4 trends that will define the future of UI/UX design35 min
Ep 18 Brainstorming: The 7 rules to running a better brainstorm25 min
Ep 17 Hiring: What do you need to look for to hire better creatives?42 min
Ep 16 Client-side creativity: The secrets of how to be a successful client-side creative37 min
Ep 15 Creativity: Insights from my conversation with Ferran Adria, the world’s greatest chef39 min
Ep 14 Presentations: Understanding your audience, the aftermath and keeping it sold43 min
Ep 13 Presentations: Building, setting up and giving a great presentation48 min
Ep 12 Presentations: Selling, presentation style and better storytelling54 min
Ep 11 Trends: Fashion, technology and shoes that may change everything42 min
Ep 10 Creativity: How to build a creative strategy48 min
Ep 9 Design portfolios: The biggest opportunities, secrets and mistakes56 min
Ep 8 Your career: The lost art of the job interview47 min
Ep 7 Your career: Bringing your personal brand to life46 min
Ep 6 Your career: How to create your own personal brand40 min
Ep 5 Listener questions: Should designers code? Is platformification killing design?31 min
Ep 4 Social media: Potatoes and power of experiential currency34 min
Ep 3 Leadership: Culture, beliefs and the power of 'What inspires you?'51 min
Ep 2 Leadership: Common obstacles and 7 steps to becoming a better leader37 min
Ep 1 Creativity: Lightbulbs are bullish*t50 min
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