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Growing up in low-income housing my parents were addicted to physical, abuse, drugs and alcohol. This kept my father in and out of prison as my mother left my family at a young age. As an escape from my home life I would spend countless hours on the baseball field. I traveled the country in my early 20's playing for the San Francisco Giants staying with host families in dozens of cities. I discovered that "normal" American problems were not the same as I had faced growing up but lethargy and lack of vitality led them to a similar unhappiness. It was so fulfilling to positively impact their lives with my presence! After being released from the Giants at 24 y/o, Morgan (my wife) and I started Burn Boot Camp in a parking lot with our last $600. In the first 6 years, we've generated $100M in revenue and impacted almost 1 million families with hard work, belief, and a relentless drive! My podcast covers my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual philosophy to ... Show More

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