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John Reuter - Second Impressions - Part 2 (231)

July 24, 201757 min
John Reuter’s professional and artistic life is tightly interwoven with the story of the Polaroid 20x24 camera and the artists that used it to bring their creative visions to life. It’s an important story worth preserving. John has has worked tirelessly to keep the 20x24 Polaroid camera alive. Part 1 of my conversation with John (found in episode 230 of the Artful Camera) contains the history of image transfer, image lift, and direct manipulation of Polaroid images. In part 2 of my conversation with John, the focus is on the artwork John created with the 20x24 Polaroid camera and the now rare Polacolor film. John reveals the creative process he used in making his evocative 20x24 Polacolor image transfers. The transfer image is just the beginning of a long process of creating many layers of “history” within the print. The process includes distressing the image and mark making with various pigments, oil pastels, and mediums. The end result is an image rich in texture and beauty. John’s images are currently on exhibit at the Palm Beach Photographic Centre until August 5, 2017. The exhibit is called John Reuter: Second Impressions, Polaroid Process to Singapore Infrared.   Mentioned in this episode: John Reuter's website: 20x24 Studio: The Polaroid 20x24 Image Transfer Process: Jim Dine: Giotto: Rosamond Purcell: JoAnn Verburg: Robert Rauschenberg: Chuck Close: William Wegman: Joyce Tenneson: David Levinthal: Tim Burton: Art Kane: Elsa Dorfman: Jack Perno: Beatrice Pediconi: Palm Beach Photographic Centre: Video tour of John Reuter’s Second Impressions exhibit: Amon Carter Museum of American Art:     This episode is sponsored by: CrumplePop - Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro Plugins:   About the Artful Camera: Website: Instagram: @Artful.Camera Send an email or voicemail to Artful Camera:   Disclaimer: some links referenced in the show notes are affiliate links. The use of affiliate links do not affect the price you pay. Artful Camera earns a small commission from each sale which help offset some of the costs involved in producing this podcast. Thank you for your support.

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