The Divorce Devil Podcast

The Divorce Devil Podcast


DD 025: Reflections of Being Divorced Years Later, Armchair Divorce Quarterback, Seek Peace Sooner Than Later, Hope, Geppetto, Dueling Banjos and Don’t Speak Ill of Your Ex.

October 13, 201825 min

25 min
DD 024: Pre, During and Post Divorce Advice Giving, Lots of Sacrifices, Elizabeth Taylor, Emotional Decisions and Children are Flexible.

July 8, 201838 min

38 min
DD 023: The Life and Times of a Sperm Donor / Missing Father, Negative Learning, This Isn’t Thriller Mom!, Smelling Too Many Chemicals in the Darkroom, Kids Are Precious, Village Mentality and No Regrets.

June 13, 201830 min

30 min
DD 022: Some of the Struggles of the Beginning, During and After Stages of Divorce, Post-Divorce Dating tips, Focus on the Kids, Peel the Onion, Deal Makers, Elements of Intimacy and the Kodak Moment in your Soul.

June 8, 201844 min

44 min
DD 021: Getting Empowered, Life After Divorce, Boundaries, The Rabbit Hole, Forgiveness for Yourself and Waiting to be Amicable.

February 18, 201829 min

29 min
DD 020: Hello People on the Bus, Lack of Communication, Talking to Strangers in the Grocery Store, Counselors Are People Too, Moth to a Flame and Getting to Know Yourself.

February 10, 201826 min

26 min
DD 019: Identity Changes In The Divorced Person, Who Am I?, Where Do I Come From?, Where Do I Want To Be In The Future?, and Hope.

December 15, 201722 min

22 min
DD 018: Dating After Divorce - Ready or Not, Kissing Frogs, Friendships, Date Your Ex, Hiding Crazy and Elvira.

October 15, 201719 min

19 min
DD 017: Before , During and After Advice for Divorce Newbies, Let Go of The Hope Sooner, Communication, Karma is a Bitch, Telephone Pole, Kids as Pawns and Fairness.

October 15, 201727 min

27 min
DD 016: Three Stages of Divorce, Lean into Resources Available to You, Getting Gas in Durango, Taking Back the Closet, Wedding Cake Topper and Crickets.

September 30, 201723 min

23 min

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