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March 4, 2023 40 mins

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As this podcast goes to air we are heading into the last full moon of winter.  It’s a super Full Moon in Virgo.

Virgo is the powerful earth sign of the Goddess. This energy is a reminder that we each carry a gift waiting to be discovered. The key is feeling good enough to share your gifts with the world without fear or hesitation.

So often we do not feel worthy or ready to share our magic with others and end up hiding it away. Virgo’s energy in its highest light teaches us that we are always ready, always worthy, and perfect as is.

When Virgo meets the Full Moon, it’s time to release your fear of making a mistake and instead take a leap of faith. The Virgo Full Moon provides you with an opportunity to detoxify yourself of any thoughts or beliefs that you are not worthy or capable of greatness.

It’s a time to shed layers of conditioned patterns that tell you you are not good enough.

This Full Moon is a chance to free ourselves from the weight of perfectionism and transform every mistake into a powerful lesson poised to help us evolve.

Perfectionism is an energy drain. It’s a way that you self-sabotage… allowing fear to come in.. even when you want something really bad.  We all do it... we create energy drains... we give our power away .. and then we wonder what happened!

Does this sound like you?

If so,  you are just the person for my next Masterclass where I will be talking about these energy drains ... the saboteur, the people pleaser, the martyr, attracting narcissistic people into your life.. and what you can do to stop the drains and monetize your energy for your dreams to come forward.

Learning tools and techniques on how to hold energetic boundaries will shift your energy. You will begin to notice how you can stand up for yourself, say no and feel good about it, and pull your energy into yourself instead of giving, giving, giving it all out.

This Masterclass will be an intimate group of people, sensitives, empaths, intuitives willing to open up and make some shifts.  Click here to get on the list.

In today's episode, I want to talk about the idea of bringing your magic forward.  We all carry wisdom from our ancestors and we can tap into that wisdom to help empower our lives instead of begin caught in the stress and struggle.. the energy drains.. and giving our power away.

My guest today is Sterling Moon.  Her new book is called Talking to Spirits - Modern Medium’s Practical Advice for Sprite Communication. 

STERLING MOON (Englewood, CO) has communicated with spirits since childhood and began officially practicing mediumship in 2016. She has been reading tarot since 1995 and teaching divination skills since 2013. She is the house reader at the Ritualcravt metaphysical shop in colorado and offers her skills online through her website. She also apprenticed under Johannes Björn Gårdbäck, an internationally respected healer, teacher, and spiritual worker of Swedish folk magic.

Website Instagram Facebook Book.  RitualCravt

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