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Episode #99 - Helfyre

February 5, 201957 min
Time to talk about a heavy metal band! Also, they're bad guys! Show Notes: Run Time: 57:47 After only a few minutes of jokes, mouth music, and brief overviews, we get into the questions just before the 5 minute mark. Then we talk about this band! Here are the members of Helfyre, from left to right in the sketch above: Vocals: Screech Lead Guitar: Blister Bass Guitar: Deep Root Drums: Snare Pipe organ/Electronic Keyboard: Drudge Lots of great questions about these ridiculous villains. They're gonna rock you! But, like, not to sleep. To DEATH! But really, they're not killing their fans. Not actually. No profit in that. Don't forget! The Sentinel Comics RPG Kickstarter is still going on - go check it out! And, as always, the Letters Page Patreon is a great place to get even more into the Sentinel Comics stuff we're doing!

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