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Episode 129--The Mountain Top--Response Ability

July 25, 201835 min
Co-Host Orlando Owen ( My co-host for this episode has made a multi-million dollar fortune and lost it...all before ultimately figuring out what it means to be a man who takes responsibility. There's that word...responsibility. It's what all of our parents used to harp on us about constantly in our teenage years, yet it's also exactly what nearly everyone on Twitter sorely lacks nowadays. But responsibility truly is a linchpin to maximizing your masculine power, and foolishly ignoring it at your own peril truncates your development as a man. In this show Orlando and I talk about the real-world difference between spoiled brats and kids who have to face adversity, and yet society has made lack of responsibility feel almost normal these days. We discuss how and why so many people easily become brainwashed 'sheeple' these days, and why most men ultimately go out 'not with a bang but a whimper'. Find out what 'Generation Selfie' is missing out on

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