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Make Better Decisions, Do Better With Women - MTP260 - The Mountain Top - Masculine Men Get Women

The Mountain Top - Masculine Men Get Women

Co-Host Gleb Tsipursky ( My guest, Dr. Gleb Tsipursky is a world-class expert and bestselling author in the areas of mental blind spots and cognitive biases. According to Gleb himself, it was the series of rotten decisions his parents tended to make during his early childhood that drove his passion for helping others to make better decisions...thereby 'future-proofing' themselves, to use his term. Indeed, there's no doubt that better decision making leads to better relationships and indeed a better life in general. So how come this isn't taught in school? Well, in part it's all because such skill often accompanies maturity and the accumulation of wisdom. Nevertheless, Gleb has a number of shortcuts you can use to identify and squash the mindsets and habits that lead to bad decisions and the dire consequences thereof. The fascinating part is how simply recognizing the weird but common ways we as humans hamstring ourselves is the first and best step to prevention. Tune in as Gleb shares the different types of biases we tend to have, all in decidedly entertaining style. For example, thrill to detailed descriptions of such crazinness as Fundamental Attribution Error, The Empathy Gap and The Halo and Horns Effect. Next, discover how Pessimism Bias devastates our ability to meet and relate to women. What is The Illusion of Transparency, and how does it explain why women flake out on us even after they give us their number? And wait until you get a load of how Overconfidence Bias's just nuts. Finally see the forest for the trees and gain the confidence, admiration, respect and attraction of women everywhere. Get a free book called Sticking Points Solved, get in on the daily newsletter and talk to me free for 25-minutes when you visit


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Make Better Decisions, Do Better With Women - MTP260 - The Mountain Top - Masculine Men Get Women