Episode 114--The Mountain Top--How Dating Advice Has Changed In The Last Decade47 min
Episode 113--The Mountain Top--Living Together37 min
Lucid Dreaming: Sexcapades And Other Surreal Adventures While You Sleep47 min
Episode 111--The Mountain Top--Why Men Don't Care About Their Health45 min
Episode 110--The Mountain Top--How To Not Bore Women To Tears38 min
Episode 109--The Mountain Top--Do Men Even Have Rights Anymore?53 min
Episode 108--The Mountain Top--How To Know What You Want In Life And Make It Happen38 min
Episode 107--The Mountain Top--How To Eliminate Limiting Beliefs About Women37 min
Episode 106--The Mountain Top--How Dating Makes You Stupid44 min
Episode 105--The Mountain Top--Is Anything I Ever Do For You Good Enough?30 min
Episode 104--The Mountain Top--'Hidden Detractors' That Ruin Your Chances On Dates40 min
Episode 103--The Mountain Top--Manning Up In A Politically Correct World37 min
Episode 102--The Mountain Top--The Ultimate Conversation About Consent49 min
Episode 101--The Mountain Top--Find Your Passion And Leave A Legacy38 min
Episode 100--The Mountain Top--You Can't Fake Love43 min
Episode 99--The Mountain Top--Forgetting The One Who Got Away31 min
Episode 98--The Mountain Top--How To Be A Worldly Man, In The Best Way Possible41 min
Episode 97--The Mountain Top--Dating Differences Between Men And Women33 min
Episode 96--The Mountain Top--Making Friends With Other Guys41 min
Announcement--The Chick Whisperer--We Are Changing The Name Of The Show5 min
Episode 95--The Chick Whisperer--Why Women Love To Be Seduced46 min
Episode 94--The Chick Whisperer--NYC vs. BFE: Dating Differences Between Cities, Rural Areas And Suburbia54 min
Episode 93--The Chick Whisperer--Be A Great Man Of Adventure34 min
Episode 92--The Chick Whisperer--The Creative Evolution Of Text Messaging, And Lots Of Bisous58 min
Episode 91--The Chick Whisperer--Why Men Hate Going To Church38 min
Episode 90--The Chick Whisperer--How To Make A Brilliant First Impression54 min
Episode 89--The Chick Whisperer--Turning Shyness Into Boldness34 min
Episode 88--The Chick Whisperer--The Single Dad Episode45 min
Episode 87--The Chick Whisperer--The First Thing To Say To Her...Texting, Online, Or In Person46 min
Episode 86--The Chick Whisperer--Conquering Fear And Anxiety37 min
Episode 85--The Chick Whisperer--How To Be More Attractive Immediately26 min
Episode 84--The Chick Whisperer--Reconnecting With Women From The Past33 min
Episode 83--The Chick Whisperer--Holding Out For A Hero40 min
Episode 82--The Chick Whisperer--The 'Nice Guy' Problem And How To Fix It37 min
Episode 81--The Chick Whisperer--Do Women Really Like Sex?56 min
Episode 80--The Chick Whisperer--Because Women Want Your Hands All Over Them30 min
Episode 79--The Chick Whisperer--What's Your Seduction IQ?54 min
Episode 78--The Chick Whisperer--Wild Riotous Sex Tonight44 min
Episode 77--The Chick Whisperer--Be The Dominant Man Women Love53 min
Episode 76--The Chick Whisperer--Dating App Domination47 min
Episode 75--The Chick Whisperer--Why Most Of Us Are Killing Ourselves Slowly37 min
Episode 74--The Chick Whisperer--Conversation With Women That Makes Them Love You41 min
Episode 73--The Chick Whisperer--How To Be The Man Everyone Looks Up To46 min
Episode 72--The Chick Whisperer--Going After What You Want Without Regrets42 min
Episode 71--The Chick Whisperer--Getting Women To Like You Instantly48 min
Episode 70--The Chick Whisperer--Strip Poker: Make It Happen37 min
Episode 69--The Chick Whisperer--Get Better With Women Faster And More Effectively48 min
Episode 68--The Chick Whisperer--Six Months To Get A Life27 min
Episode 67--The Chick Whisperer--Handling The Second Date59 min
Episode 66--The Chick Whisperer--'The One Who Got Away'...How To Get Over Your Ex-Girlfriend57 min
Episode 65--The Chick Whisperer--Avoiding Psycho Women57 min
Episode 64--The Chick Whisperer--Sexual Tension And How To Make It Happen54 min
Episode 63--The Chick Whisperer--Should Porn Stars Be Teaching Sex Advice?71 min
Episode 62--The Chick Whisperer--Dating And Sex With The Rich And Famous40 min
Episode 61--The Chick Whisperer--Geeky Hobbies, Women And World Travel53 min
Episode 60--The Chick Whisperer--Decoding Women's Sexual Attraction Signals56 min
Episode 59--The Chick Whisperer--Conscious Masculinity62 min
Episode 58--The Chick Whisperer--Extreme Sex Drive41 min
Episode 57--The Chick Whisperer--Re-Inventing Yourself As Wildly Attractive52 min
Episode 56--The Chick Whisperer--The 21st Century Man31 min
Episode 55--The Chick Whisperer--Man Up And Get Your Act Together52 min
Episode 54--The Chick Whisperer--TV Wives, Single Moms And Mail-Order Brides51 min
Episode 53--The Chick Whisperer--Untold Secrets To A Better Sex Life56 min
Episode 52--The Chick Whisperer--Bring Out A Woman's Erotic Side40 min
Episode 51--The Chick Whisperer--Supercharge Your Social Life52 min
Episode 50--The Chick Whisperer--Wall-To-Wall Women...All Day Long60 min
Episode 49--The Chick Whisperer--Women From Different Races And Cultures37 min
Episode 48--The Chick Whisperer--Dating Again...For The Very First Time44 min
Episode 47--The Chick Whisperer--Cars And Women, Not Necessarily In That Order33 min
Episode 46--The Chick Whisperer--What To Do When You Have No Idea What To Say To Her45 min
Episode 45--The Chick Whisperer--How To Be A Badass63 min
Episode 44--The Chick Whisperer--I Can't Get No Satisfaction53 min
Episode 43--The Chick Whisperer--From Same Night Lays To Long Term Relationships58 min
Episode 42--The Chick Whisperer--How To Make Her Laugh...And What To Do When She Cries53 min
Episode 41--The Chick Whisperer--Anywhere BUT Bars And Clubs51 min
Episode 40--The Chick Whisperer--There's Something In The Way She Moves52 min
Episode 39--The Chick Whisperer--Are Women Really Touchy About Being Touched?57 min
Episode 38--The Chick Whisperer--Quit Making Everything So Complicated52 min
Episode 37--The Chick Whisperer--MILFs And Cougars56 min
Episode 36--The Chick Whisperer--Live An Inspired Life And Women Will Love You For It47 min
Episode 35--The Chick Whisperer--Getting Women To Approach You52 min
Episode 34--The Chick Whisperer--Is Marriage For Chumps?52 min
Episode 33--The Chick Whisperer--Are Women Really So Hard To Figure Out?40 min
Episode 32--The Chick Whisperer--How To Choose The Right Woman42 min
Episode 31--The Chick Whisperer--Supernatural Connection With Women49 min
Episode 30--The Chick Whisperer--Women Are NOT The Enemy...Make Them Your Ally Instead40 min
Episode 29--The Chick Whisperer--What If 'Be Yourself' Was GOOD ADVICE, For A Change?46 min
Episode 28--The Chick Whisperer--Is She Interested In You?25 min
Episode 27--The Chick Whisperer--Flirting And Creating Natural Attraction41 min
Episode 26--The Chick Whisperer--The Dude Whisperer42 min
Bonus Episode--The Chick Whisperer--Stop Giving Your Power Away42 min

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