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TRP 26 | Darin Steen | The FASTer Diet (Part 2)

July 18, 201865 min
The FASTer Diet with Darin Steen (Part 2)  Part 1 could not contain all the knowledge Darin Steen captured in his new book, so we brought Darin back for The FASTer Diet Part 2. In part 2 of this episode, Darin takes us deep into the super hack of what it means to be Off the Grid, an integral component of The FASTer Diet; How to Fuel Your Body and Life.  In this episode we’ll discuss: How to get a good night’s sleep How to get up and get going with energy Breathing, Cryotherapy, Grounding Stay to the end when Darin shares his famous Water Hack And much, much more… Darin’s principles on fitness, nutrition, and just plain life are so in line with the RE-IGNITE lifestyle.  Buckle up!  Darin Steen is here with part 2 and continues to bring the heat! You can follow Darin on social media Twitter: @darinsteenflls Instagram: @darin_steen LinkedIn:   The Re-Ignite Podcast Thank you for listening to this episode of THE RE-IGNITE PODCAST! If this podcast resonated with you please subscribe, rate & review, and share it with a friend!   ✩ Visit me at ✩ Grab a FREE Downloadable copy of my bestseller, RE-IGNITE, the book that started it all by clicking – ✩ RE-IGNITE Kindle Edition is available on Amazon   If you liked this episode, please rate and review the show! There are more ways than ever before to stream this podcast!! iTunes | Google Play | SoundCloud | Stitcher | iHeart Radio | TuneIn | Libsyn Now available on Spotify!!! Get even more content on Re-Igniting your life by subscribing to Re-Ignite Nation and never miss the notification to another podcast episode or blog post!  Click here to find out how.   ✩ Connect with me online ✩ Facebook | Instagram | Linkedin | Twitter | YouTube

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