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TRP 27 | Re-Ignite Power Edition | Happiness

July 21, 20187 min
Happiness. We need to find a way to raise our level of happiness to the now, to this very moment.  You see society has taken happiness and move it behind achievement.  This has created a world where we are taught that if we work harder then we will achieve, and when we achieve THEN we will be happy. I am here to tell you that this is not how the brain works.  When we follow what society has told us, that if I am more successful, then I will be happy, it creates the ultimate mental conundrum, because we will just continue to move the goal post. We need to move our happiness ahead of our achievement.  Get happy now.  Start where you are and be happy.  Find those things, those special moments today that will bring an overwhelming feeling of happiness into your life.  Happiness releases a potent hormone called dopamine, which will turn on all the creative centers of the b

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