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S4P 040 Michael Nir on Non-Verbal Persuasion

February 16, 201837 min
In this episode Jason and Cindy welcome speaker and corporate consultant Michael Nir.  With a master’s in engineering and a background in Gestalt, Michael Nir has been leading change at global organizations for almost 20 years. Now he shows audiences how to lead teams and influence others, as well as sharing strategies to streamline projects and provide breakthrough customer experience in a competitive digital age. Michael talks about both his background in Gestalt, and teaching in the military and how those things have improved his speaking style. Cindy, Jason and Michael also discuss assumptions speakers make about their audiences, the power of an entertaining voice, and also key body language mistakes that speakers make that undermine their effectiveness. Michael also shares some great stories about teaching kindergarten kids and making them cry, as well as having to put his powers of persuasion to the test against a 250 lb. grizzly bear. Michael can be found at or by email at   His twitter is @michaelnir Jason and Cindy finish the show by answering a listener question about whether you need to write and publish a book to get lucrative speaker bookings.   You can now find The Speaking for Profit Podcast on iHeart Radio. Click here to add us, then listen on your computer or smartphone:  

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