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S4P 043 Juliet Clark on Speaker Platforms

April 5, 201833 min
  In this episode, Jason and Cindy talk to Juliet Clark about how to build a platform (and not the one you stand on.) We tackle topics including building an email list, using facebook groups, bots, assessment marketing, the best way to become a self published author and more. Cindy and Jason also tackle the question, “How do you hook a meeting planner so that you can get yourself booked for a gig?” A veteran of traditional publishing and corporate advertising, Juliet Clark thought she would have no problem becoming a best selling author when she chose to self publish. After her own frustrating foray into self-publishing, Juliet took her knowledge of how to create a platform and began working with authors and other experts to help them build their audience. To join Juliet’s community you can go to: And to find out more about assessment marketing visit

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