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The Blind Spots Between Us With Dr. Gleb Tsipursky

The Successful Pitch with John Livesay

We like to think of ourselves as intelligent beings. After all, are we not the most evolved organisms on the planet? Sophisticated as our brains may be, they are specifically wired to be prone to a large number of cognitive biases that affect how we communicate and build relationships with other people. Whether you’re talking about business or personal relationships, falling prey to our cognitive bias leads to bad decisions and, ultimately, disaster. We have over 100 cognitive biases. Cognitive neuroscientist and Disaster Avoidance Experts CEO, Dr. Gleb Tsipursky, takes the 30 most dangerous ones for relationship building and effective communication and discusses them in his new book, The Blindspots Between UsIn this interview with John Livesay, he goes in-depth into the two most common and insidious forms of cognitive biases that we are constantly subscribing to, to the detriment of our business and relationships. 

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