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How to trust the supplements you buy in 2021 with Andy Holmes - The Nutrition Blueprint Podcast

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If you ever visited a GNC store or Vitamin Shoppe you know how overwhelming that can be. Picking the right supplement, knowing whether it's good or not, and on top of that getting the pressure from sales people to get specific kinds that benefit their commissions is too much. In today's podcast we brough Andy Holmes who works for Informed Choice, a company that tests and gives the seal of approval to supplements worldwide.
Here is what we covered
The history of informed choice
Informed Choice Vs. INformed SPort
What is a MAQ Assessment and why is it important
Should non-athletes buy informed choice certified supplements
The craziest things Andy has found in supplements
Common supplements you should always look for these certifications in their labels
Where to get more information and resources
If you have more questions about any of what we discuss you can email Andy to
About Andy: Andy Holmes is the United States Business Development Manager for LGC Science’s Informed-Sport and Informed-Choice nutritional supplement testing services, and he has over 16 years of experience in the Sports Nutrition Industry.
He is responsible for introducing LGC’s Informed-Sport and Informed-Choice certification program to new clients. He works closely with prospective and current clients to make sure they understand and meet LGC’s anti-doping standards along the entire manufacturing process. He is responsible for explaining safeguards in the program and how they help mitigate risk, so that the customer can understand that every effort is being made by LGC to ensure the highest level of safety. He also works in tandem with LGC’s Program Management Team to make sure that compliance with the program including, but not limited to, product/ingredient evaluation, raw material evaluation at each production/packing site, raw material supplier assessment procedures, SOP review for all production/packing/storage facilities, verifying label identity testing, contaminant testing, and GMP verification. He is also responsible for explaining and promoting the program and its benefits to a variety of influencers including: sporting leagues, anti-doping agencies, professional/collegiate dieticians, medical entities, military leaders/dieticians, coaches, athletic trainers, athletes (amateur/professional), police departments and parents. Lastly, Andy works with LGC’s world class anti-doping lab for all inquiries, results findings, new threats, WADA revisions, education, and service offerings.
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How to trust the supplements you buy in 2021 with Andy Holmes - The Nutrition Blueprint Podcast