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Wild Cozy Truth

The Wild Cozy Truth podcast is part of a multimedia project, which also includes YouTube videos and a collection of essays at wildcozytruth.com, all written and created by wild woman, writer, and PhD candidate Renee M. Powers.... Show More

This episode is brought to you in collaboration with Evelyn Roger Beauty + Skincare, on a mission to inspire, to educate, and to create clean, green, badass skincare.

Today's podcast is full of fantastic resources, so make sure you check out everything in the list below! The extra-long introduction tiptoes around the essay topic because it's a tough one. This week I found out my childhood priest was named in another Catholic sexual misconduct report. I've got all kinds of feelings around this news and I worked some of it out in writing. That's today's essay.

Our guest Jillian Richardson is the founder of The Joy List, a newsletter full of opportunities to make friends. Jillian is passionate about bringing people together and eradicating loneliness and I'm so glad there are people in this world like her. We chat about the inspiration behind her work (which involves adult summer camp!), the awkwardness of friend dates, and cultivating meaningful friendships that turn into chosen family. 

Connect with Jillian:
@thatjillian on Instagram
@thatjillian on Twitter

Connect with The Joy List:
@thejoylistnyc on Instagram
The Joy List NYC on Facebook

A comprehensive list of everything mentioned in this episode:
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And repping ThisFem.
Shasta Nelson
Tribes by Sebastian Junger
The Art of Community by Charles Vogl
Community by Peter Block
Teaching Community by bell hooks
Yearning by bell hooks
Awakening Together by Larry Yang
Harvard Divinity School's How We Gather reports, specifically The Care of Souls
The Art of Gathering by Priya Parker
Kishonna Gray's syllabus test

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