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Help! I Inherited A Singer Who Can't Sing!

June 1, 201815 min
This month we will be doing a three-part Q&A series, answering listeners’ questions. This first episode addresses a common problem that many worship leaders face: Inheriting a team member (or multiple team members) who don’t have the musical skill to perform the task at hand. How do we as worship leaders help this beloved person understand that music ministry might not be God’s calling for their lives? Is there any hope that we can help them develop? In what other creative ways can we use them as part of the team? Brenton Collyer and Justin Bell join me this month to share their wisdom and insight. Enjoy the episode!   Direct Download  I'D LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU!  EMAIL ME your thoughts on this episode or ASK A QUESTION that you’d like us to answer on a future episode by calling +1-831-607-WLT1 Say hi on TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, or FACEBOOK SHARE: EMAIL TO A FRIEND TWEET THIS EPISODE SHARE THIS EPISODE ON FACEBOOK     Our Sponsor This Month - Audible Listen to books while you drive, exercise, clean the house, etc. Keep learning! Try it FREE for 30 days, and you can even keep the book if you decide to cancel.   Audible.com Enjoy the podcast? Help us out by leaving us a review on iTunes!  

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