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Phil Wickham: Caring For Your Voice

January 1, 201932 min
Phil Wickham has one of the most unique and beautiful voices of our generation. But four years ago Phil almost lost his voice forever. In this episode, I talk to Phil about what led to his vocal polyp, what he learned through the healing process, how he cares for his voice now, and how you and I can strengthen and develop our own unique singing voice for the glory of God and the good of our churches. Phil Wickham Online Living Hope (iTunes) Living Hope (Amazon) Direct Download     I'D LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU!  EMAIL ME your thoughts on this episode or ASK A QUESTION that you’d like us to answer on a future episode by calling +1-831-607-WLT1 Say hi on TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, or FACEBOOK SHARE: EMAIL TO A FRIEND TWEET THIS EPISODE SHARE THIS EPISODE ON FACEBOOK     Our Sponsor This Month – Pads Live App Coresound's amazing sounding pads are now available in an intuitive, easy to use app! Download the app to your phone or tablet, build a setlist, and click play. It's that easy to take your team's sound to the next level! Check out this video demo to see the app in action. The app is free, and more sounds can be unlocked via in-app purchases or at Coresoundpads.com Download the App (FREE!) Our listeners get an exclusive discount on Pad Bundles! Unlock more pad sounds by going to Coresoundpads.com and entering WMTPODCAST at checkout for 20% off ALL BUNDLES! **Discounts are not available in the app, so we highly encourage you to purchase your pad bundles at Coresound's Website. They will automatically unlock within the app after purchase.  Enjoy the podcast? Help us out by leaving us a review on iTunes!

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