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YOU328 - The Power of the ‘One Framework’, with Kelly Baader

February 1, 201933 min
This is a proud moment for me as I welcome a key member of my inner circle, Kelly Baader, onto the podcast. Kelly is a member of my Mastermind group, The Round Table, which is made up of ten entrepreneurs that I work with to help shape and develop their personal brand business. Kelly was one of the speakers that graced the stage at last year’s Youpreneur Summit at the Queen Elizabeth Convention Centre in London. Her talk was on the power of her ‘One Framework’ strategy, but it was so much more than that. Many people in the audience were moved to tears (including myself) after hearing all about Kelly’s inspiring journey that led to where she is today. It was such a powerful message that I knew I had to invite her onto the show to dive into the topic of one framework even further and to share with all of you. So, grab your headphones and get comfortable, you’re in for a treat! Essential Learning Points From This Episode: The outline of ‘one framework’ is thinking about your number one outcome that you can deliver to your number one client, with your one solution and with the best current version of YOU The only way that you can stand out is by knowing your ideal client better than they know themselves A transaction can only happen if the customer believes that you can solve their problem No matter what you sell, the transformative outcome everyone wants when they buy from you is to become a better version of themselves Focus on what you can offer right now and what audience you can serve the best The moment we compare ourselves to others, we lose our peace and delude our results Much, much more! Important Links & Mentions From this Episode: Kelly’s website  Grab Kelly’s FREE business tips guide(s)  Listen to Kelly’s Christian CEO Podcast  Sign-Up for Acceleration Mastermind with Kelly Baader  Follow Kelly on Twitter Rise of the Youpreneur  Personal Branding Roadmap  Sign-up for the FREE Youpreneur Launchpad Training Course Join the Youpreneur Community and Build Your Business FAST! Thank You for Tuning In! There are a lot of podcasts you could be tuning into today, but you chose mine, and I’m grateful for that. If you enjoyed today’s show, please share this page. For more information and to explore other episodes, click here.

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